Wii shortages could damage consumer interest – Pidgeon

The continued shortages of the Nintendo Wii could mean that potential consumers will lose interest in a product they cannot easily buy, according to IDC's Billy Pidgeon.

The analyst also believes that Nintendo will continue to struggle to meet demand for the console until 2009.

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ITR4254d ago

I think it hurts them slightly, because I know everyone sold out over this weekend that got them.

Saint Sony4254d ago

People who want Wii, will buy it no matter what. This affects only random shoppers, those who walk into shop and buy things because they look good or they have heard good things about the product. Impulse buyers.

Real Wii fans WILL buy them and even wait if they have to.

gta_cb4254d ago

yes thats true EXCEPT that it will appeal more to kids, and with hardly any kids working (like teenagers aged 10- 15) as they cant or wont, they can only really get one of these for a christmas (which has gone) or birthday or something, now if its someones bday then the parents would go look for one, wont find one as there sold out, then they will have to buy something in its place, like a PS2 or XBox360 (core or premuim as there nearly same price) but not a PS3 as they WILL not want to spend £425 without a game on a PS3, when a Wii would have cost them £179 (UK price)

so i guess what i am saying it i can see Nintendo being hurt in that way, but for gamers like on this website, yeh if we want one we WILL get one no matter what just like Wurwag said, but i can still see Nintendo getting hurt.

tplarkin74254d ago

Nintendo sold over 400,000 units in February and then sold 250,000 in March. So, either demand slowed or Nintendo purposefully made fewer consoles. Either way, Nintendo can produce enough Wiis to meet demand (Unless one of their factories burned down?).

TheMART4254d ago

No, they can't. Probably they don't have enough factories.

I know a shop owner that can sell many, many Wii's because of the people that want it. They're on a list. But he only gets few Wii's constantly. Nintendo Netherlands knows this guy can sell them, but they don't deliver. Probably something, somewhere in there production line isn't done well. Agreed, they sell well, but they should be able to meet more demand with that old Gamecube hardware that's in the Wii

tplarkin74254d ago

Nintendo sold 150,000 fewer consoles in March. So, if what you say is true about the list of people waiting for a Wii, then Nintendo is creating a false shortage. Nintendo was able to make 400,000 in Feb. What prevented them from making the same number in March?

Zinswin4253d ago

I would have purchased a Wii in early January immediately had I saw one on the shelf. Now... no way. No online play. And I still have doubts I would be playing any games on it 2 months after purchase.