Half-Life 2 for $9.95

Excellent price at the moment for Half-Life 2, anyone whos got an average PC has no excuse not to download this gem of a game.

If your new to the Steam platform, it's just a small client file you download and will enable you to purchase all valve games, including HL2 at this great price.

If your in the UK it will convert it for you and since it's £1 = $2 at the moment this is even more of a bargain.

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Robotz Rule4252d ago

Cheap price=Ridiculously good game!,I own Half-Life 2 for my Xbox and luv it!,one of the best last-gen shooters!!!!!

Rooted_Dust4252d ago

Thats what happens when you can cut publishers out of the picture.

smeg0rz4252d ago

just shows how much publishers get