KOTOR MMO in development?

BioWare's online team tipped to be working on massively multiplayer Knights of the Old Republic console title.

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Maldread4254d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

the Dragon Age rumor about PS3 and DS in the Headline and description too

BlackIceJoe4254d ago

I think so too EGM said this game was being made and now we know it is true so I wonder if the Dragon Age game is real too. I think if DA could come out on the PS3 that would be sweet.

SuperSaiyan44254d ago

FFS I dont want MMO's!! Why must we pay per month to play I already have Xbox Live and am paying for that just give me a KOTOR 3 offline game!

DeadlyFire4254d ago

Its just a rumor so don't worry. It will most likely not become a MMO thanks to Galaxies already being the Star Wars MMO game. Odds are though that this points to ideas that they have been thinking about adding some sort of multiplayer to the game.

tplarkin74254d ago

Bioware makes the greatest RPG of all time (KOTOR) and then dumps the sequel to Obsidian. Bioware then makes one of the worst RPGs of all time (Jade Empire) in a lame attempt to make their own IP. I don't see a Star Wars games coming from Bioware.

ben hates you4254d ago

this should of been a prequel to the first one but now i won't get this game

Rooted_Dust4254d ago

It will be just like Galaxies, everyone will want to be Jedi, and no one will do the other jobs. Galaxies worked for a little while, where it was extremely hard to become a Jedi, but they eventually gave up and made it easy. I think StarWars just works better as a single player RPG. I would like to see a Jedi Knight-KOTOR mix, kind of like Oblivion, lots of RPG elements but FPS controls.

snoop_dizzle4254d ago

i really wanted it to be an RPG.

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The story is too old to be commented.