Microsoft patents handheld-console 'gaming system'

Cryptic application outlines game network of "handheld devices and console devices"--could it portend Zune-360 gaming connectivity?

In January, Peter Moore, the corporate vice president of the Interactive Entertainment Business section of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division, made a promise. Speaking with the Bloomberg news service, he said the Zune multimedia device--intended to be Microsoft's answer to the iPod--would have some sort of gaming functionality by 2008.

Since then, little has been heard about gaming on the Zune. Many believe that it will have only basic gaming functionality like the iPod. However, a patent application approved last week with the United States Patent and Trademark Office suggests that something more advanced could be on the horizon.

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The_Firestarter4130d ago seems like Microsoft is finally joining the handheld party. I wonder how good the games will look on it. Better than PSP? Or on par, idk. Only time will tell...

mcintosh2334130d ago

the picture looks like it would make a good handheld. ms should make one like that

freeza4130d ago

i guess you guys will be playing halo on this thing

id dot entity4130d ago

Xbox Lite? Anyway, a third party in the Handheld wars is ofcourse very interesting. I hope there will be some "Xbox Lite (as I call it)" and Xbox 360 connectivity.