GamePro Reviews F.E.A.R. for the PS3

GamePro has posted a review for F.E.A.R. on their website

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omansteveo4256d ago

I hate Gamepro they suck

P.S. This nothin to do with the F.E.A.R. Review they really do suck.

PS360PCROCKS4256d ago

A bit angry because it got a bad review? Every website is saying the same thing about the game, bad textures, choppy framerates etc...I hate to say it as I own a PS3 as well, but this is yet another game better on the 360. F'ing De's need to get it together, this is weird tho these guys are usually so good.

Scythesean4256d ago

does anyone know if the game has offline multiplayer? If so how many Players

MetalProxy4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

I dont care if it won thousands of awards. The PC guys hand out awards for pissing on them selves. Sorry wrong spot my bad.

MetalProxy4255d ago

Gamepro used to be good about five years ago, now they suck. Them same goes for EGM. It seems like they are ran by a bunch of xbots. Anyways I played this game on the 360 and it was GARBAGE, it still is and wont ever change even if it is another one of the 360s junk Hand Me Downs. The online mode should be alright but wont be as good as Resistance.

PS360PCROCKS4255d ago

LOL! wow your in such denial it's amazing, this is a fantastic game it's why it won awards you moron. Stop trying to trash something because it sucks on the PS3. This game has the best action and A.I. I have ever seen.

PS360PCROCKS4255d ago

I love how you can all disagree yet provide no concrete argument back towards me. It's quite sad actually