Warhawk Videos

New gameplay videos of Warhawk for the PS3.

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nix4254d ago

my only problem is it's only multi-player... all countries don't have hi-band net connection. hope it's got offline multiplayer too.

masterg4254d ago

I'm 99% sure they said it had 4 way spilt screen offline and online multiplayer in a interview video I saw.

nix4254d ago

but i thought it was something like 4 guys can play online using the same console.

spacetoilet4254d ago

This game looks fun as hell. Mouse and keys? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!!
Mouse and keys will seal it as an instant classic for me. Nearest thing on a console, to the over the top action of a pc bf2 game.

nebpredude844250d ago

wow..this game was overhyped....looks kinda iffy for a so-called next-gen PS3 game....