GameOn: Demon's Souls Review

Exclusive titles these days tend to follow a similar pattern; guns, explosions and lots and lots of hype. Every now and then though, exclusive titles such as Demon's Souls get left by the wayside, the publishers not believing in the product and leaving it to its own accord. Currently only available from the Eastern market, Atlas have picked up the rights to bring this dungeon crawler to the US - which is good, because this is one title that is definitely worth the wait.

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Chris3993164d ago

It's terrific that so many reviewers share that mindset.

tda-danny3164d ago

Played it yesterday for about 3 hours straight, completely losing track of time. Has happened way more than once with this game...

PirateThom3164d ago

This may be the first time I import a game if a Europe release isn't confirmed.

raztad3164d ago

This game is climbing up very fast in my must buy list. I'm just worried about the difficulty setting. I dont have too much time to spend in just one game :D. I just hate to get stuck and not progressing through the story. Hope Atlus offers some kind of "easy" and "normal" difficulty settings. [email protected]