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Submitted by bapenguin 2393d ago | news

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel and LightFX Causing Alienware M17x Issues

Co-Optimus writes - " A little known feature of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel on the PC is the ability to integrate with Dell's LightFX keyboard lighting system. The LightFX system backlit Dell's now defunct XPS laptop line with numerous colors, while the LightFX SDK allowed developers to control these based on what was happening in the game.

The problem is, it isn't working properly." (PC, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel)

Syronicus  +   2393d ago
Don't have that PC but...
I do have this game and love it. It's a great fill for my need of Diablo 3 at the moment. Titan Quest was great and now this. I just love this style game and am eager to get my hands on D3 and this will do until then.

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