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Submitted by gaffyh 2394d ago | video

First PSP go Console Review

The website for Gadget Show (UK) has been updated with a short video review of the new PSP go from Sony. (PSP)

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qface64  +   2394d ago
i honestly have no clue why but something about actually looking at them side by side i have to say to me the original psp seems more appealing to me

guess ill wait until i have one for myself to make my final decision
capital1player  +   2393d ago
gaffyh  +   2393d ago
@above - I agree to a certain extent, however if the games cost less than $10 and most of them are $0.99 (like on the iPhone) you don't really care that much.

Obviously with PSPgo you HAVE to download even the full sized games, so it could be a problem.
ABizzel1  +   2393d ago
I agree with 1.2

I prefer to for my handhelds to be downloadable only. I don't want to carry around all those disc when I can just boot the game off the HDD. I like that the PSP Go has 16GB of internal memory and you can boost it up to 32GB.

It's all about preference. I like having disc over downloadable games when it comes to consoles, but I want complete portability when it comes to my handhelds, and the less stuff I have the carry around the better. I'll tell you now, I love my PSP 2000, but I use it as a mp3 player more than a gaming platform because I don't want to carry the 10 games I have around all the time, and I don't want to buy a carrying bag or case to put them in it just looks tacky.

So the PSP Go is perfect for me because I can play my games right off the HDD and there's no need to hold anything else. And hopefully PSP games will drop in price due to extremely cheap dev kits, and we may see some $1 downloadable games and more.

Now all I hope for is that there's a way we'll be able to rip our PSP games onto the PSP Go. If not I'll be a little bummed.
Narutone66  +   2393d ago
I have the PSP 2007
and I might buy the PSP Go in the future. I wish that when you buy a game in UMD, you are allowed to have a digital copy for the PSP Go. That would be really great for the gamers.
Christopher  +   2393d ago
I don't own either yet, but I'm leaning way towards the AC2 special bundle w/the PSP 3000 kit. With that one I can do both digital and medium-based games and the size doesn't bother me in the least.
capital1player  +   2393d ago
@ 1.2
yes i agree that would games alot easier but what im saying is that they should just have both ! for the ps4 i really would rather have selling a digital and a hard copy i just dont want them to have only digital copies!
iPirates  +   2393d ago
I'm really down with the downloadable games only. Much more convenient as far as I'm concerned, however, I also find myself downloading TONS of games onto my PS3 as well, so maybe that's just me.

Just as long as storage doesn't become a problem, I think DL only handheld will do really well.

(Who hasn't hacked their DS and downloaded roms? I wonder if this will make hacking the PSPGo compatible with DL only games easier?)
tonytouchx  +   2394d ago
^^i dont know man,i think the psp go is a lot better,but what kills it is that price,but hey at least ppl could choose what psp they want cause sony is going to support both,so in the end it doesnt matter cause u have a choice and i think psp go will make it just fine,just in opinion.
Willio  +   2393d ago
I agree with you. In my opinion, PSP GO is trying to compete with only Apple's products. The price ranges are relative and both play music. Assuming skype still works, its not too steep for its price.
Daishi  +   2393d ago
I payed $250 USD for my PSP at launch and it didn't come with 16GB of memory or half the features that the Go comes with so I don't see much of a problem with the price. My only concern is how much tighter the controls are squeazed in together. It looks uncomfortable like he mentioned.
RockmanII7  +   2394d ago
More like PSP NO lolololololololololol
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Mindboggle  +   2393d ago
Thats original...
SpoonyRedMage  +   2393d ago
Hmm, sounds good but as a DSi owners as he talking about at the end, I'd much rather get one of the older models for a lower price.

Whilst the PSP itself is quite appealing, the PSP GO is not. Also I'd be concerned about being able to play it because I have big hands.
slinkey123  +   2393d ago
250 quid ?!?! WTF i can buy a normal PSP for half that and have the option of UMD... This should be no more that 130 max i think.
Karum  +   2393d ago
The only advantage of having UMD is if you REALLY love physical media and are not fond of downloadable games. The cons of UMD are that you have to carry around discs, it's a power hog and the load times are pretty slow.

I have a PSP 2000 and might switch to a Go but even if I don't I think I'd probably take advantage of downloading them anyway just because it is that much more convenient.
BigPappaPump  +   2393d ago
I think I'll pass.
The_Beast  +   2393d ago
i have 2 psps
so might as well make it 3 :O
urban bohemian  +   2393d ago
I think being Bald might be in fashion for gamers
Kratos, Max Payne and now this dude! lmao
himdeel  +   2393d ago
Nope when gamers are bald... means that GOD doesn't think your special enough to improve your polygon count for hair. It also means that GOD gave your parents a crappy last gen graphics card which is too weak and CANNOT handle hair.


They have dandruff...
urban bohemian  +   2393d ago
This comment has opened my eyes
Its all about Zac Effron length hair. Even if it will make me harder to render.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2393d ago
The Six Flags guy!
SwiftArsonist  +   2393d ago
im with you guys here, i think its way expensive and at least it shouldve been $150.00 max. but if you like the latest gadget (like me) you probably gonna end up buying it. so now you have choice, go with the more sleek psp or go with the old one and save some money.
raztad  +   2393d ago
PSP go is really attractive. I love the idea of carrying it just in my pocket but I already have a Kratos edition PSP-2001 so I'll wait for a price drop and another special edition bundle. :D
conswella  +   2393d ago
I have gained interest in the Ipod touch, and, moreover, the Zune HD. After owning 3 PSP's with several PRO Duo memory cards, its good to see the psp go having integrated storage. I think this is a big plus. The look of the system I liked until the screen slid up and i saw the controls. And this guy affirms what i thought; they look painful. The first thing i thought about the controls though was how boring they look, then i remembered this is a gaming device. Still, it shows that i am looking for more then a gaming device.

I dunno man, after reading into the psp go and the ipod touch and the zune hd, and hearing this guy say it as well, I can get a similar gaming experience, which to me is enough considering there is a TOUCH SCREEN for gods sake, and everything you can do with it is astounding. GOD i can't wait to spend my student loans on the new third generation i pod touch and the Zune HD when it comes out. The zune hd is just the sexiest thing i have ever seen.

It'll be great having two music players and not knowing which one to choose to use primarily for weeks on end :)
SoapShoes  +   2393d ago
I really doubt it's painful, Sony had people test the system before it was released and if everyone hated the controls they simply would have changed or scrapped the idea.
MontyFontaine  +   2393d ago
Hmm. I quite liked the look of it at first, but now I am not so sure. It kind of looks somewhat cheap with those grey rings around the controls. Also, £250 (which is roughly $400!) is nothing short of extortionate. If the PSP go is going to cost £250, there is no way the PS3slim will be £200 or less.

A pity. There are so many games I would like to play on this and the PS3, but I refuse to pay such amounts. I do like the idea of storing my portable games on a hdd, but it is not worth it for £250.
witchking  +   2393d ago
I just picked up an iPod Touch for $300 (the 16gb model). The main use is obviously the tunage, but I was happy to find some nice little touch-screen games in there along with Internet access and other neat little apps.

I think if Sony wants to charge $250 for this puppy that they're missing the boat. I realize they want it to compete with the iPod just as much as with the DS. HOWEVER, they're missing a key function: TOUCH SCREEN INTERFACE.

Also, when I buy an iPod game for $5 that's one thing, but buying a PSP game for $30 and then not being able to re-sell it on eBay when I'm done with it? No thanks. I like to get a little something back when I complete these "hardcore" games.

Had the PSP Go been equipped with a touch screen and an app store off PSN, then maybe the $250 price tag would have made it competitive with the iPod. As it stands, it's an overpriced piece of hardware that really only the truly hardcore will pursue.
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Seraphemz  +   2393d ago
Comparing a phone to a game system...
is retarded !
The iPhone is a Phone. PSP Go is handheld game system.
They are not the same so comparing the price is retarded.
Yeah the iPhone is the same price but you have a monthly phone bill so IF you want to compare the PSP is cheaper in that sense.

Also the lame ass gimmick games on iPhone dont compare to games like Metal Gear Portable Ops, Resistance Retrubution, or Jean De Arc...
You can't compare the gaming expierence between iPhone and PSP Go.

And with games like Assasins Creed, Gran Turismo, Valkyria Chronicles, and New Metal Gear you cant miss out on owning a PSP.

Whether it be the Go or older models.

Obviously the Go is not for everyone.
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maniacmayhem  +   2393d ago
Sony makes their Ericsson line of phones, why they didn't include it in the new PSP Go is beyond me.

Ok maybe its because it might shoot the price up a hella lot more. But they couldve been in direct competition with iPhone and maybe even win that war. Maybe even steal a little thunder from the DSi.

Also not including a touch screen interface is super dumb. Everything portable nowadays is going touch screen. Its just where everything is and where its going to be in the future.
MEsoJD  +   2393d ago
I would be way more interested if it was a phone. Heck just have a contract with it to lower the price.

Who knows I'm sure they're thinking of the idea.
Karum  +   2393d ago
There are only 2 problems I have with the PSP Go
Firstly is the price, it looks great and I'd like one but it's overpriced. I'll probably end up with one before a price cut anyway lol.

Second is the battery life. When I heard UMD was dropped I expected a lot more battery life but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case.

EDIT: Just thinking about what the guy from the gadget show said about the sound, the speakers on the PSP are imo rubbish (at least on my PSP 2000) and it doesn't sound like that has been improved upon in the Go.
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rockbottom3076  +   2393d ago
Sony dropped the ball
Having An Iphone I still like to have a portable experience thats a little more hardcore. I waited to see the next great PSP since the PSP 3000 rumors first came out. The day the PSP go was leaked I was disappointed No UMD, Smaller screen, controls looked awkward, And i'm not a big fan of slide out screens. Than the price I expected to see this around $120-$130. Needless to say went and got the rock band bundle and will just wait for the PSP 2.
Close_Second  +   2393d ago
Too much.
Do I want one...YES!!!!

Will I Get one...not at the release price. It will retail for close to $500 NZD which you have to admit is rather steep. Puts it in the same price bracket as the Wii in New Zealand!

I really think the PSP Go is two years too late. I agree that if you already own an IPhone/ITouch then there is no reason to buy a PSP Go. Keep in mind that Apple did not even really have a stake in the portable gaming market up until the release of the IPhone/ITouch and now they seem to be the device everyone needs to compete with.

Imagine if Apple released a gaming orientated ITouch where the screen slid up to reveal controls. It would demolish the PSP Go.
spartandan100  +   2393d ago
7.5 out of 10
look the psp go will be a good and bad thing like most consoles. i agree that it isnt fair that the games arent on umd's. the guy said three ways to get games
2- BIG PROBLEM. if your computer crashes do you lose all of your games on the computer (like a library) although, i have an ipod touch and i dont have any full games on it so i think ill like it. I JUST HOPE THE WI-FI IS SO MUCH BETTER!!!! and if it markets at 250$ when it first comes out, thats not that bad! when the first psp came out it was 280$ and then dropped so its not a bad deal
Johnny Rotten  +   2393d ago
3- by downloading them through your PS3/PS Store onto the PS3's hard drive then transferring it to your PSP.

You may loose your games on your PC if it crashes (obviously) but your purchase is associated with your PSN ID so you can re-download/delete as many times as you want.
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spartandan100  +   2393d ago
by the way
by the way, the wi fi on the itouch SUX!!!!! i left my house and i lost connection and my computer wasnt that far away!! and who ever is complaining about touch screen on pspgo, thats just idiotic. i dont no many game consoles with touch screen (other that ds, but penwise, iphone and itouch) so be quiet because I PERSONALLY think a touch screen psp is really dumb.
Close_Second  +   2393d ago
The PSP2...
...should be modeled after the PSP Go but featuring a touch screen and second analog controller. As soon as you introduce apps on the PSP it makes more sense to have a touch screen. Gaming however is best services with more traditional controls with th option of using the touch screen to augment the experience.
deadreckoning666  +   2393d ago
iphone 3gs anyone???
ToeKneeHaze  +   2393d ago
Times they are a changing brothas...u guys sound like the dudes who didnt wanna trade in their vcr's for DVD players...

come on now...giddy up

Neo Nugget  +   2393d ago
What about the battery life? How's that going to compare with my 3000? I've heard it's terrible, but I'm not positive.
solidboss  +   2393d ago
what people need to realize is..
this is the SAME CONSOLE..i mean all sony knows how to do is make their portable smaller.. i mean i don't own a ds but with the dsi you can tell its in improvement because it has a camera. any little feature would be real nice (dual analog sticks ftw!)but when u come out with the same thing over and over with nothing new it begins to wear out. sure it has 16 gigs of memory and a smaller screen....and thats about it, sony needs to add to their products.
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   2393d ago
The screen in this comparison between both the 3000 and PSPGo looks small as heck!

I don't feel like buying the PSPGo anymore. To tell you the truth I could've done much better design then Sony with or without a 2nd analog stick I could've still done a better job.

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