Square Enix Not Keen on Virtual Console

Square Enix wont be bringing their Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy to the Virtual Console anytime soon says Square Enix rep Shinji Hashimoto. Square Enix feels there is still a need for physical media and have some reservations about Nintendo's billing system.

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FFVIIFan4253d ago

"Reservations about Nintendo's billing system." It's as 1up says, why sell their series for cheaper than what they can really fetch.

WilliamRLBaker4253d ago

which is crap, which is all so one reason why I hate square now, and loath what final fantasy has become, Square acts like EA so much now, A money grubbing lets release crap carbon copy games as much as we can.

I just got done geting the entire series on GBA cause I missed a few games, and now they are releaseing it on psp again? talk about milkage....square only has a problem with not making enough money, which seems to be the sole motivating factor in every thing they do any more....which i believe is one reason sakaguchi left.

calderra4253d ago

"Square acts like EA so much now"
Anyone remember Square's press release that they were going to actually FOCUS on remakes and spinoffs INSTEAD of developing new IPs?

Final Fantasy (2000-)7: Now with Party Roster Updates!
Final Fantasy X: NCAA Championship edition: With an totally reworked Blitzball Passing system!

WilliamRLBaker4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

While I dont remember that press releas, All i know is the proof is in the puddying, Dirge of cerberus, Crisis core,And the other ff7 spin offs and remakes, ff1-6 on gba, ff3 on ds, final fantasy 1-6 im assuming on psp....the 500 different versions of ff13 thats supposed to come out, the f12 game on

then you have the fact pretty much every game since 7 has been pretty much an interactive movie...

ITR4253d ago

BS...they just want more freakin money.

I guess $8-10 bucks doesn't suit them, but it suits SNK.

FF1 on VC $16.99!!!! (sic)

freeza4253d ago

hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa take that nintendo

DirtySyko4253d ago

I don't possibly understand how somebody can have a grudge against Nintendo. It's the dumbest potrayal of fanboyism I've ever seen.


Maybe you should go read one of your pop-up books since you insist on acting like a child.

BBsin4253d ago

Why would SquareEnix want to release their old games on a virtual console if they can easily rerererelease them other consoles and call them collecter editions for a much higher price???? Either way if people want it that bad on a virtual console then they should just get it for an emulator on a PC, it's not too hard to do that and it's free.

ChickeyCantor4252d ago

free to what point?
it isn't free, its just open for download, it doesn't make the games free it makes you being an illegal downloader.

commadore654253d ago

But I think downloaded content should be cheaper than the physical equivilent.

It's a bit of a shame that some people who may have never played these games but might have given them a try on VC. Final Fantasy is a big name and thus could lead to impulse buying that wouldn't exist otherwise.