Bizarre Creations Interview

Kikizo recently took some time out with Bizarre Creation's programmer Sam Hall and lead audio programmer Nick Bygrave, to get a detailed inside view on the company's latest project - Boom Boom Rocket.

British developer Bizarre Creations, the creator of the Project Gotham Racing series, was also behind the first hit Xbox Live Arcade game, Geometry Wars Retro Evolved. Now the company is giving it another go, only this time for EA.

The game is a mix of music and fireworks - literally. You time pyrotechnic explosions to 10 original songs created just for the game while moving through a virtualized city. The better your timing is, the prettier the explosions.

The game was originally conceived by designers at Pogo, EA's mainstream-friendly casual games label, and the task was handed to Bizarre to bring the idea to reality - a task the dev house has carried out with its trademark style style. Kikizo sat down with Nick and Sam to get the latest gossip from Bizarre.

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