HD DVD Camp Unable to Confirm Wal-Mart HD DVD player

The biggest news to hit the format war in some time hit last week with word that Wal-Mart and China's Great Wall corporation struck a deal to bring inexpensive HD DVD players to market. While this is would be great news for all HD fans, we were left a bit worrisome by the translation dispute between the two camps. Just to make sure we had our facts straight, we updated the post and contacted HD DVD to get the full story. While the HD DVD camp reminded us that they have inexpensive players from China on the way, they weren't able to confirm any "specific reports relating to Wal-Mart". It seems to us that if this were indeed true, that the HD DVD camp would be the first to trumpet its significance to their success in the format war. As much as we all want inexpensive next generation HD disc players, we will just have to wait for something more official before we hold off on our purchases waiting for Wal-Mart.

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DJ4255d ago

I mean, it was referred to as the "Blu-ray HD-DVD player", so that alone raises quite a few questions. HD-DVD and Blu-ray players have nearly identical production costs, so that just brings up even more confusion.

power of Green 4255d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

TDK jumped ship. Others have gone neutral too. All movie studios have gone neutral excluding Fox and MGM (MGM is owned by Sony) and Fox pulled all upcoming Blu-Ray titles as I'm pretty sure they had this news before everyone else here.

Samsung, LG and some others have gone neutral too. Samsung being the original backer behind Blu-Ray as well.

And here a piece of the press release that has been translated, let me know if any of this starts looking like Blu-Ray please

From press release:

Quote -
Deng Hungchi also mentioned that Blue HD-DVD for high-volume, high-quality images, high resolution vision, machine Images can be more realistic, more beautiful images. Its advantage is more easily with existing DVD discs maintain compatibility, and may continue to use existing DVD production equipment CDs and facilitate the expansion of the distance between lens and do not need, such as CD-ROM cartridges, substantially reduced from the current transition to HD DVD, the cost for the DVD, makes disc manufacturers switch from DVD to HD DVD when the costs can be reduced to a minimum. Moreover, the HD DVD recording capacity is smaller, but the eye, decontamination capability, and without cartridges, dish Therefore the production process easier and less costly.

Deng Hungchi is general manager of Fuh Yuan.

You see what he's saying is HD-DVD only ability. Blu-Ray requires completely revamped manufacturing process.

I don't know why people are surprised, these news reports have been around for years now. So how is this any surprise to the BD supporters who keep threadcrapping everywhere? It's obviously the HD-DVD format, and you will most likely hear additional companies such as Alco, Shinco and Lite-On (mentioned at CES) announcing lower-priced players for other major retailers as well (Target, Sears, K-Mart?). This was publicly announced at CES in January, so why the denial? Did BD folks think this was all simply BS?

Quote -
OCT, 2005: In the high-stakes battle with Sony over whose format will power the next-generation of DVD players, Toshiba has adopted a potentially perilous strategy: encouraging low-cost Chinese competitors to crank out machines using its standard known as HD-DVD.

The tactic of courting Chinese makers has been largely taboo in Japan, where manufacturers like Sony and Panasonic have long tried to delay their technology from turning into cheap commodities. But Toshiba's decision could have significant ramifications in the race for the billions of dollars that will very likely flow from the next generation of DVD technology that promises sharper pictures, enhanced audio and more disc storage.

Sony and the Blu-ray group are licensing their technology more selectively. Analysts call this an effort to prevent low-cost manufacturers, including those from China, from quickly driving down the price of Blu-ray machines when they reach stores next year. Many manufacturers are also wary of licensing their technology to the Chinese because of their record of not paying licensing and royalty fees.

The contrasting strategies underscore the increasingly uncomfortable choices that Japanese electronics makers must make as China's manufacturing might grows, whether it be in DVDs, televisions, cameras or other products.

JAN. 7 | LAS VEGAS Chinese manufacturers, known for low-cost consumer products, will begin making and shipping HD DVD players for the U.S. market by the end of 2007, HD DVD promotional group execs announced at an event here Sunday evening. Chinese manufacturers Alco, Shinco and Lite-On will join Toshiba in making players, as will Japanese company Onkyo, execs announced. Microsoft may also make players, officials said, but didn’t provide further details. Car system manufacturer Alpine is making a player for cars. The move is expected to add lower-priced players to the market, which could greatly expand household penetration for the format.

April 9, 2007 TOKYO, Japan (AP) Toshiba Corp. has filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission and sued 17 companies, alleging infringement of its DVD patents, the Japanese electronics maker said Monday. The commission is an independent federal agency that checks on unfair trade practices and copyright infringements.

Toshiba filed a complaint Friday to the commission against the 17 companies, mostly Hong Kong and Chinese manufacturers and importers.

Also Friday, Toshiba filed a lawsuit demanding monetary damages to the same companies in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. Toshiba spokeswoman Yuko Sugahara declined to comment on the damage amount.

Toshiba licenses DVD patents, but the companies, including Daewoo Electronics America Inc. of the U.S., Dongguan GVG Digital Technology of China and Star Light Electronics Co. of Hong Kong, don't have such licensing agreements, Toshiba said. Imported DVD products are sold without proper permission, the company said.

"The infringement of Toshiba's patents by these companies has damaged Toshiba's DVD-related business, and also caused damage to the legitimate and licensed DVD product manufacturing and distribution and business as a whole," Tokyo-based Toshiba said in a statement.

APRIL 20 | Wal-Mart apparently has ordered 2 million HD DVD players from China to sell at a target price of $299, according to a report out of Taiwan.

The introduction of low-priced Chinese-manufactured DVD players in Wal-Mart and other outlets in the U.S. helped spur the growth of the DVD format in its early years. A translation of the story was uploaded on the AVS Forum.

ITR4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

The company in question currently makes up-conversion HD DVD players.

This company goes public mid-June.

Orig. story:

Notice how HD-DVD and Wal-Mart is spelled out.

Search the characters 藍光(on you come up with LED's and Samsung MP3 players and etc..

藍光 means Blue Light not Blu Ray. Searching, we see Blu Ray spelled out.
Blu Ray wasn't spelled out in this article.

Now checking " ", we find it's commonly referred to as "BD" and "Blu-ray disc" in Chinese. It even goes into some detail why Blue-Ray Disc was not used in the trade mark.

My conclusion is "藍光 HD-DVD" refers to the blue light diode of a HD-DVD player not the Blu Ray player.
This was probably done to kill confusion with the current Fuh Yuan HD DVD players already in production using a red light diode.

I have a feeling no one will care, but I did search this out pretty well.

Phantom_Lee4255d ago
Im chinese

it says that Fuh Yuan and TKD worked on that blue ray HD DVD...but I though TKD develop blue ray disc..

who knoes...maybe its a player that can play both...

Phantom_Lee4255d ago

thats what we call blue ray
if u dont believe me, got to chinese yahoo and typ 藍光HD DVD
u will get lots new on both..but in chinese of course

techie4255d ago

and HD-DVD means High Definition disc...go around europe and they call Blu-ray..."Blu-ray HDDVD"

Oh and another thing...Sony have reduced their pricing for their blu-ray diodes from $80 to $8...this occurs in the month of June.

Press release...900yen is about $7.99

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level 3604255d ago

This will eventually happen. Good news to us average consumers', now we'll get better deals and more choices that will suit our budgets. Hopefully if it does happen, that they can combine the features of HD-DVD and Blu-ray compatibility on one player and w/ all the necessary connections at a competitive price... That will be great.

level 3604255d ago

... for Sony and other big brands, if they could see this on their websites. The sooner the better this happens, we'll eventually get hold of cheaper deals on the PS3 at a faster rate.

BIadestarX4255d ago

Haha... I knew it wouldn't take long before someone tries to debunk a rumor. I guess people don't know the definition of a rumor. The way rumors work is that the rumor will exist until the company "Wal-Mart" deny it or confirm it. Now rumors are being debunked by another rumor "that no Wal-Mart HD DVD is comming". Can someone please start a rumor about the rumor that the rumor is not real? LOL.

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