XP ON PS3? can you run pc games on ps3?

follow the link to the video

pc world also talks about the issues of pc gaming on ps3 or linux.,77449-page,1/article.html

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SmokeyMcBear4253d ago

wow that takes forever to load up.. but the simple fact that it is possible amazes me.

QuackPot4253d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

Windows emulation on Linux just isn't a practical option.

Check this out:

Especially 1:13

Slow! That's an understatement...two operating systems running here, with little ram and no access to RSX.

Forget about it! Just stick with Linux or hope Sony will open up the RSX for Linux for 3D. Better still, petition Sony to develop its own sleek, fast and optimized version of Linux - Sony Linux OS - and have it preinstalled. Then you'll have a PC as well as a game console. Oh, the $$$$ you would save.

There's no way Sony will ever allow Winblow$ on PS3 nor will Micro$oft port XP/Vista to its competitor's machine.

shotty4252d ago

fulconer, i just watched the video you put up and honestly other then a proof of concept there is no actual real purpose for it. You computer can do the samething and do it more efficently running windows natively with much more ram. Atleast with vista you can use ready boast, something I hope microsoft impliments for the xbox 360 for xna developers to use.

QuackPot4252d ago

...because they would lose income from PCs.

The pure game console is dead. The PC console is the future.

Ps3 is a PC Console(games, internet, media center, productivity) when it has a full OS(such as Linux, XP, Mac OsX) installed on it.

Sony will never be able to get XP/Vista ported and unlikely to convince Apple to do the same with Mac OsX. So we just have Linux at the moment. However, Linux has never had major capital investment - like Apple and M$ have done - to produce a sleek, fast, optimized, user-friendly distribution of Linux.

At the moment Sony is allow buyers to install Linux for themselves but Sony should be developing its own version(Sony Linux OS) and preinstalling it so that its ready to go when you get your Ps3. You then immediately have access to thousands of free opensource software(Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, The Gimp, Inkscape, Scribus, NVU, Audacity, VLC, MythTV, Blender etc) - for free. Yes, that's free.

This is what is happening on Laptops and PCs already with us Linux fans and what is already happening on the Ps3. You won't see linux on xbox 360 nor Vista because M$ will lose revenue.

Sony on the other hand still gets revenue from GameOS on the Ps3 and allows buyer to turn it into a PC Console. But it should be a PC Console when we take it off the shelf with Sony Linux OS already installed....

Rooted_Dust4253d ago

I can already see hordes of errors and glitches ensuing from this.

CAPS LOCK4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

if this is possible then maybe u can play halo 3 on ps3 using linux pc emulator or just installing xp and i wonder if u can get full access to the RSX

EDIT: sorry my bad fordgtguy i meant to say halo 2 cause i heard its on pc or halo 1 and gears is coming on pc soon, and so is lost planet just saying my bad

FordGTGuy4253d ago

Halo 3 on a system it wasn't made for while running both the PS3 and XP OS.

shotty4253d ago

Maybe Halo 1 but I doubt it would run at all since the system has 256MB avaible to resourse and that includes running linuix which takes some ram and then running Windows XP which takes the majority of the 256MB and this leaves very little for the game to use and also RSX can be accessed under linuix mode so its up to the cell to do all the emulation so ya, maybe but the framerate is going to suffer, not to mention you need direct X 9 which the cell isnt'

EasilyTheBest4253d ago

Get this working then get sum SNES, Megadrive, Gameboy Emulators on top of Windows then you may have more than 3 decent games to play...
Sarcasm, look it up!
Just kidding...

The great 14253d ago


sevenout4253d ago

Who are you exactly "Laughing your ass off at"? The PS3 is nowhere near powerful to emulate Windows XP AND modern PC games. Keep in mind the PS3 only has 256mb of memory. Furthermore, any PC game would have to run in software mode because (currently) nobody can get access to the RSX chip.
The only thing that this mod would be good for (game wise) would be for M.A.M.E. or low-level emulators.

Remember Sony is still losing their teeth (at least $180) on each PS3 sold, and they don't want anyone buying their system just to use it for a half-ass, crippled, Windows XP computer.

consolewar4253d ago

so what he talks cr*p so what? everybody in here talks sh*t. NG4 is known for that so what? We love NG4, hence we love crap??LMAO

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