Gaming showdown: PS3 vs Xbox 360 vs Wii vs PC

CNET UK have written a handy, concise round up review of the four major gaming platforms. Of the PS3 they praise its Blu-ray player and media features but are not too impressed with its lack of quality, exclusive games and current online features.

For the Xbox 360 they say that the graphics currently look similar to the PS3 and that they really like the online service and wide range of games.

The Wii is described as a "last-gen machine with a fun twist" and because its graphical power is not as impressive developers can spend more time developing interesting games rather than enhancing visuals.

Finally, the PC is described as an "elephant" which outdoes all the consoles for graphical realism but are big, ugly and expensive.

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power of Green 4130d ago

Some of the things mentioned in this post makes me say nah! not credible, seems behind the times.

QuackPot4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

One of the better articles I'v seen for a while.

Pricing, library quality, net service.

I'm a Ps3-Linux fanboy and even I know the Xbox 360 has an obvious lead. It's a very capable machine with great titles but it did get a year headstart without any next gen competition. But the article clearly sees that things are going to change once Wii & PS3 catch up on price, library, net - more so the Ps3.

As for the PC, they got that right too. You're talking mega$$$ for ultimate performance. But serious gamers and their high spec PCs are a minority AND will always be so. Most game console buyers actually have a life and still get impressive results from their mini-PCs(Wii, xbox, Ps).

Where the article fell short though was with the description of the power of the Ps3. Blu-ray is merely a larger storage medium. The real power of the Ps3 is the multi-core Cell processor which will take at least 2 years before developers are able to achieve the full potential of the system - recent ports from 360 clearly show they have a lot to learn.

You don't believe me? Just look at God of War 2 on the Ps2 - impressive results on such ancient hardware but only because developers were able to utilize the systems full potential. Can't want for God of War 3 - nope 4 - on my Ps3.

Rooted_Dust4130d ago

Big..most times, Expensive..can be, ugly..only if you want it to be. Frankly PC's are the best, if you can afford them. I can't imagine giving up PC gaming, not for any console. Half Life 2 just wouldn't be the same on PS3.

BubblesDAVERAGE4130d ago

I dont like pc gaming. I perfer to game on my ps3 or a 360 whne i get on. I would rather play psp then play that crap. A keyboard for gaming. plz everyone i know who plays games uses a console not a pc

ItsDubC4130d ago

You may be surprised by the fact that a console controller is not actually the best interface for all types of games.

CAPS LOCK4130d ago

hey but they say the ps3 as being too expensive but then they make the pc which cost £3,268($6000+) as the winner? i think they should of deducted a lot of the points of the pc for being that pricy and i dont think you need a pc that costs that much to play good games maybe one that cost 1000-1500 would be good.

sabbath4204130d ago

it makes for a lame surfing experience on the net. it is quite slow at most simple online and media related tasks in comparison to a home pc. It is a jack of all trades and master of nothing.

ItsDubC4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

Keep in mind that this is supposed to be strictly a gaming showdown, so non-gaming tasks shouldn't have a bearing on the results.

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