XNA Game Studio Express Updated

Today Microsoft released an update to XNA Game Studio Express which adds new functionality, enhancements and performance improvements to the software. Officially dubbed the XNA Game Studio Express 1.0 Refresh, this release is an incremental update to the previously released XNA Game Studio Express 1.0.

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Neutral Gamer4253d ago

I think the problem is that we haven't seen any fully finished games released for it on the 360 and we won't do until Microsoft release the Professional version later on which will allow developers to actually sell their games and make use of Xbox Live.

When it's released we should hopefully start seeing a good increase of new games being released and then we'll know whether the idea was a success or not. If it does well then it'd be great if Sony and Nintendo come up with something similar.

In the meantime we're just gonna have to be patient I'm afraid mate!