How the Wii is creaming the competition

(Business 2.0 Magazine) -- A year ago it looked like game over for Nintendo's storied console business. The Kyoto-based gamemaker--whose Nintendo Entertainment System ushered in the modern age of videogames--was bleeding market share to newer, more powerful systems from Sony and Microsoft.

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TheMART4249d ago

Only timed succes. The console is cheap, so it sells. It has the funfactor of the Wiimote so it sells.

But which games do you buy besides the sport games that came for free?

Zelda maybe at this moment, but then?

As soon as jumping as a baboon on your own has been fun enough, it'll only be a kiddy, grandpa and beer-party machine.

You all know how I dislike the PS3, but I would even choose a PS3 over the Wii if I had the choice for real gaming and have a bit of online Multiplayer stuff...

testerg354249d ago

I dunno, Mart, but if Wii gets enough installed base, then I don't see it going away. I felt the same way when DS came out with the PSP. I jumped on the PSP and look where that is right now. The attach rate for the DS is incredible.

ITR4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

Well that "timed success" is going to last throughout 2007, at an est. tune of 10 million units sold.

Honeal2g4249d ago

Who are they competing with not PS3 and 360 ...that system is not in the runnnings for next gen its terrbile and boring ..... besides that...b4 the system came out everyone new it was nto competing but once it starts to sell really well its all of a sudden "creamming the Competition" nintendo will never have a smash hit game outside of the ones we expect Zelda which i love, Smash bros, and the mario franchise...i'm not gonna lie i am gonna buy it once brawl comes out but still its because its cheap and and affordable not competition in any way!

ItsDubC4249d ago

"b4 the system came out everyone new it was nto competing but once it starts to sell really well its all of a sudden 'creamming the Competition'"

I don't think most ppl felt that the Wii was not competing, nor do I think that most ppl still feel it's not competing. This is evident in the fact that most ppl on this site still compare the Wii to the PS3 and 360. Understandably so, since all three are consoles. But I agree that the Wii is not in the same race as the PS3 and 360, which is why many own a Wii as well as either a 360 or PS3.

Ppl talk negatively of the Wii, saying that the graphics are subpar, the games are "kiddy", or that the controls are gimmicky. These types of comments are relative to the PS3 and 360 (for example, the Wii graphics are only subpar if you compare them to the 360 or PS3). But the hypocrisy I see a lot on this site is that in the discussion of sales, which obviously favors Nintendo, all of a sudden the Wii can't be compared to the 360 or PS3. I don't think it's fair to say that the Wii sucks because its graphical capabilities aren't up to par, and then say that you can't compare the Wii's sales figures to those of the 360 and PS3 because the Wii is so different.

I think that if someone compares the hardware capabilities of the Wii to that of the PS3 and 360, then that person obviously feels that the Wii is similar enough to the other two consoles to justify the comparison. If that's the case, then sales figures are a justifiable comparison as well.

wulfgar884249d ago

it depends on how you classify "the competition". the Wii appeals to a vastly different market and as such has been doing very, very well for itself. this does not change the fact that when all is said and done, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are "competing" for consumers all the time, and Nintendo went with the smart choice: try and appeal to the vast majority of the public, not just gamer community. so yes i can see why people say they don't compete with Sony or Microsoft due to the fact that the Wii doesn't have the same processing power, etc...but you know what, thats not why people buy a wii, and its that very same reason that in the profit end of this console war, nintendo is winning. profits from day one means very good things for the company which is whats important to bettering a game base and the support for years to come. besides (to TheMart) its due to this success that within a years time the Wii and the Ps3 are going to flourish. its the same with every console at launch...but due to the huge sales for the Wii Devs have been jumping on that ship at a rapid pace....Jet Black Games being the newest.

CompGeek4249d ago

I wouldn't even buy one, i dont know why people are buying it.

BlademasterD4249d ago

People are buying it because it is cheaper than the other consoles and itis fun to play. The other two consoles only have pretty games and in my opinion are not quite as fun as jumping around the room. I have an xbox360 and a wii. Have yet to sell a kidney for the PS3 though...

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