Analysts Speak PSP/DS

Analysts have jumped out in full force in light of Sony's recent price cut announcement for the PSP, stating that they feel the handheld is not in direct competition with Nintendo's DS system.

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consolewar3658d ago

start to sell. I'm gonncha get onecha.

Silver3603658d ago

Good for the price drop. Now for the PS3 to drop.

XxZxX3658d ago

btw Why the hell US only have 1 color PSP??

sajj3163658d ago

has always been last to receive color options on handhelds or consoles. Don't know why. I guess color is just not that important to us. Black is beautiful!

darkdoom30003646d ago

Yeah, black is better, it looks more shiny, and ties in with the screen, which is black...unless playing a game.