Ten games you're unlikely to see in the charts has put together a list of 10 games that may have fallen under the radar. For those of you who found Bullet train simulator to be the best game ever, perhaps you would like "The ultimate in nautical simulations" as well. Those crazy game developers sometimes.

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Robotz Rule4134d ago

But Ultimate Duck Hunting looks kinda fun:)

ITR4134d ago

I would like to try the Air Taxi and Bullet Train game.

I believe Ultimate Duck Hunting is coming to the Wii later this yr.
I think it's going to be updated from the orig. PC ver.

Level up you hunting dog then level him for good!

BenzMoney4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

Edit: Deleted at article author's request.

techie4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

Well that's good. Nice to see some action :)

Diselage4134d ago

I'll flame you if you so please since your pretty much begging for it. I truely wish there was some way we could delete your post just so we could keep this on topic. For the record I only own a 360 at the moment.

Saint Sony4134d ago

What ever you do with your life, you must be bored to hell to make these "baits" of yours.

BenzMoney4134d ago

I was just trying to have some fun. The comment was *CLEARLY* a joke. We all know how ridiculous people get on this site (Deep, although he tries so hard to hide it, included).

Anyways, I've removed it for you...

Diselage4134d ago

Why thank you, while fanboyism is rampant on this site. I just get sick of seeing it EVERYWHERE, even if it's a joke.