More Devil May Cry 4 Gameplay

Another video showing Devil May Cry 4 in action.

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D R Fz4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

but o well, it's still a great video. We should all be looking forward to this game.

decapitator4018d ago

this is different, this is the full 4 minute vid.

D R Fz4018d ago

take a look at the link i provided and watch the video. Then you'll see that i'm right.

Before you disagree, watch the video in the link i provided. They're the exact same thing.

masterg4018d ago

Yeah this is the exact same as yesterday.

Frulond4018d ago

Nice video, the graphics look great. This game has improve since first DMC which imo still the best one. I think the series have been losing its strong elements that made the first game so great and to be honest I'm sadly not so excited about this one after playing part 2 and 3. This one seems kind of a mix between part 2 and 3 with better graphics and effects but games aren't great for having good graphics but the gameplay. I just hope capcon stops recycling games and start innovating while keeping the great aspects from previous games. I'll be looking forward to see this game and maybe rent it before getting it since I feel i wasted my money on part 2 and 3. At least I was able to trade part 2... not so lucky getting rid of part 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.