CryENGINE 2 Specifications

Here is a recent breakdown of everything that CryENGINE2 can do for future developers and reportedly on all systems, PC, Xbox360 and PS3. Watch out for a CryENGINE2 game coming your way soon.

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Somethnnew184256d ago

Cause if he wouldn't have I would have been pissed...And this is post is ver legit...Just visit their website..

techie4256d ago

Deep wouldnever do such a thing. It's your post not mine :)

D3acon4256d ago

If this engine is what I think it is, then the ps3 is getting one heck of a deal. It seems they have managed to do a lot of things that cut down on CPU and Ram usage, good for the 360 and perfect for the ps3. The system seems geared for a lot of computations and the ps3 is a computational monster so I expect the ps3 version to be equal to a high end PC version.

With all these little tricks with the engine I would think that the game could handle 1080p without problems to resolution or system resources.

Violater4256d ago

2-3 years before we see a Console game using the sys, unless its a port.

"as well as support for next generation consoles such as the Xbox360 and PS3 (under development)"

Somethnnew184256d ago

NO ports my friend if it's development....They are working on a whole new scheme or 'engine' that can operate effectively and take full advantage of their engine and still run on the 360 and ps3

Rybnik4256d ago

Hmm, it would seem that Unreal Engine 3 just got some MAJOR multiplatform-capability competition!!!

Somethnnew184256d ago

As soon as I saw the recent trailer that specifically shows off the capabilities of the Crytek Engine 2.0...I said...Um what if Gears of War was remade using this I said yesterday...We should stand aside and let the dragons come out of their caves before guess how big they really are....Cause UTIII come out in about three or four months...Alot graphically can happen between now and then...But Crytek Still has my vote...

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The story is too old to be commented.