Sigma Special Edition iffy for Europe

A Ninja Gaiden Sigma Special Edition pack that popped up overnight sounds jolly nice, but don't get your hopes up about seeing it in Europe.

Eidos recently signed up the game, and a spokesperson told Eurogamer this afternoon that "there are currently no plans for a Ninja Gaiden Special Edition two-disc box set in the UK".

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[email protected]4166d ago

Since the " collector edition" its only available from its normal that Eidos don't launch such a package over Europe, too bad for our Europe pal'.... but there a possible solution. Import the game from but I'M 100% sure that the shipping will more that $25 (don't know how much this estimate its on Euro).

techie4165d ago

Oooh how did this article get to the top?

tplarkin74165d ago

The only thing that matters is the game.