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GamePro: Red Faction: Guerrilla: Demons of the Badlands Preview

GamePro writes: "Volition has done away with salvage-collecting for Demons of the Badlands, and instead feeds players upgrades and weapons as they complete more and more Guerrilla Actions and main missions. Though I only saw the second mission and performed a few Guerrilla Actions, it was already apparent that Demons of the Badlands piles on the upgrades often, so no matter what you're doing you'll always be rewarded. For those players who feel they've mastered the Guerrilla Actions in the main game, Volition has upped the ante here as well; upon trying out a few familiar actions, such as Demolition Master, I was surprised at the level of difficulty compared to the actions in the main game. One Demolition Master mission I attempted involved attempting to launch a vehicle across a ravine, attaching a mine, and blowing up a building on the other side of the gorge. Suffice to say, it wasn't easy". (PC, PS3, Red Faction: Guerrilla, Xbox 360)

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