Alone in the Dark Trailer

This trailer gives you taster of the monstrous beings lurking in Central Park, New York, and the hell you're going to endure to stay alive.

Check out the environmental detail as the camera pans out to show the whole park, and in the deformed faces of the creatures you'll encounter. Atari promises "state-of-the-art real-time physics and unparalleled environmental interaction within a meticulously detailed, open game world," and it looks to be coming along as planned.

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Mishmash194256d ago

This is the same trailer that has been out for at least 5 months now...Still looks good but fooled me into thinking something new was released.

nebpredude844256d ago

hey N4G..this trailer is in old...five months old

Frulond4256d ago

I thought it was a new trailer <.< still looks great :)

One4256d ago

haha its a old @ss trailer, gettin me all happy
i thought it was new, but w/e still
looks good though. i hope this game drops
sooner than later ya dig

FCOLitsjustagame4256d ago

What happened to this game. It was getting hype and was on my watch list and then it just dissappeared. It suddenly comes back and turns out it is the same trailer as before, Weird.

Rybnik4256d ago

This is definitely old, but it looks good still