PS3 Interest Up But Still Lagging Behind

Internet searches for PlayStation 3 are on the rise but still fall short of Wii and Xbox 360 related searches according to a new report., a leading UK shopping comparison site that utilises data from leading retailers' websites including, and, has drawn comparisons between pre and post-launch web interest for the three leading consoles.

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TheMART4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

Yup it's clear...

PS3 sales 2 months after each other in North America (February/March NPD sales numbers) @ 130k.

In contrary, the 360 sells between 200k and 300k since launch, never fell close to 100k as the PS3 does. The 360 sold about 240k in February and 200k this March in NA.

Japan: PS3 gets slaughtered by the Wii with a factor 3 or 4. XBOX has never been huge there, but still manages to sell 25% of the PS3 sales. PS3 sales from the week I can remember one or two ago were 16k or so...

Europe PS3 great launch, the fanboys got one but after that there aren't so many people mad enough to spend 600 Euro for a gameconsole.

Outcome of it all: PS3 too expensive, no AAA content or just content at all. The Wii will sell for some time, but people will get used to the Wiimote surprise. Bowling/tennis is not enough to keep gaming, good content is only in a few games.

The 360 will continue to sell on a steady rate, PS3 isn't able to play any catch up game in sales numbers apart from their kickstart Europe fanboy sale. So that gap of 8 million units in favour of the 360 will only be larger the coming months, year and if Sony doesn't drop the price any time soon even years

@ the poster below:

First off: you're Dutch also probably: Ik bepaal zelf wat ik post, dus zoek je eigen leven uit en niet die van een ander.

I'll never stop. Learn to live with it. If you don't like it you don't read my posts or you click the ignore button. If you like it respond in discussion.

So tell me where I do my analyses wrong. It's all based on current numbers (sales), content (number of games) and price (known fixed high price for PS3 is known). Content is on 360, everybody knows that. Most games out now, most exclusives now, most upcoming games and exclusives for 360. So I have no idea what you talk about actually.

BTW it's fail and not 'fale'. I think you should just have gone to English lessons dude. I bet you don't want to hear the truth because you own a PS3 and are scared all that negative buzz will make you get less games.

But well, is that possible, less games and content then the current situation? Just buy some extra BluRay movies so you'll make it to summer holiday from High School.

And yeah: about your Dutch scentence. In the end this kind of buzz about the best gaming system around, the XBOX 360, makes other gamers not to fall for Sony's lies and buying a BluRay player. If even one soul is saved, it's worth it

Babylonian4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

you're useles analysis. When will you stop. It's pointless really, all that matters are the statistics by the end of the year. Not your so called predictions that are actually based on nothing.

And why the hell should we care anyway, we're just here to play the games. Are you scared that your console will fale and they won't make games for it?

You are dutch aren't you? Here is a message to you: zoek alsjeblieft een leven en stop met je zwakke argumenten, je bereikt er helemaal niets mee.

Thank you for your reaction. Well let's start with something in Dutch: Waarom zou ik vredesnaam jouw leven willen hebben? Dat heb ik geen eens in mijn bericht vermeld, kan jij wel goed Nederlands begrijpen? En als jij negatief reageren op alles wat met Sony te maken heeft en Microsoft elke keer de hemel in prijst bij elk stukje nieuws wat met die twee heeft te maken een leven noemt, dan wens ik je veel plezier ermee.

You don't have to stop posting for me. Just keep starting flamewars and giving your twisted info about Sony and Microsoft. And keep being annoying by always posting biased Microsoft posts.

And if we're here to do spelling checks then lets check yours. First of all, it's not "analyses" but "analysis". Second thing, your sentence "I think you should just have gone to English lessons dude" is not put in the most logic order. It should have been "I think you just should have gone to English lessons dude" or "I think you should have just gone to English lessons dude". We're on the internet dude, don't go posting stupid comments about spelling mistakes, you will just get one back with your flaws (Laern eNgelisch).

About the information you are giving, where do you get your information? Does Bill Gates tuck you in bed every night and tells you how Xbox 360 is kicking everybody's ass. No seriously I've been reading really different things on this site then the stuff your trying to spread around.

And no I'm am not scared of the negative buzz the PS3 is getting (is it getting any right now?). I at least give credit where it is deserved, just look at my other comments. I don't own a PS3 yet. I am smart enough to wait for a price drop and some nice new features and games that are going to come out. Cause I'm not a stupid consumer who let's a company rip me off in front of my own eyes and still, still keep defending them and justifying my rip off purchase that breaks down every time (It's normal that you do this, it's called cognitive dissionation. So I don't blame you).

Oh I'm not in highschool anymore, I'm in college. Didn't know you were tho, actually makes my hole edit kinda pointless cause I'm putting my mind on same level as a child. Well anyway, you talk about Sony's lies, Did you look at yours. Spreading all your FUD to other people. And Microsft doesn't lie at all do they? Jump in (Microsoft's pool of crap), I know I will be playing B3YOND.

schnodder4253d ago

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Hooded Vendetta4253d ago

Arnt people getting sick of these posts? We get like 1 a day.

brianodom4253d ago

the fact its selling and the thing is over 600 bucks says a lot whether you like it or not, that means people are interested in the system and some are just enjoying their ps2 and waiting on the ps3 price drop or a few games to be released

FirstknighT4253d ago

Fanboys buy a ps3. Gamers buy a 360.

wildcat4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

and you would be a...

overrated4253d ago

so you have a PS3?

you stupid nobjocky.

Contra264253d ago

I agree with you knight...

and if people who are gamers that do buy the PS3... will buy the system when it has GAMES.... hahahahaha

it's so true...

That's why I choose the 360. It has all the games already...obvlivion, tabletennis, gears of war, dead rising, GRAW2 , Viva Pinata, Crack Down, Rainbow six, Guitar Hero 2

and it has X-box live.. cuz I love multiplayer!!!...

stupid sony fans are stuck with one player games..---> Lair, FF13, MGS4, Heavenly Sword....utterly crap ifthat's their AAA titles

Note to all sony owners: you aint gamers, you just fanboys... PLAY B3HIND

marionz4253d ago

yep these kinda storys are really stupid, i dont care if its about ps3 or xbox either way there is too much [email protected] on this site
all three systems sell well and have their own fans and all have their good and bad points
if you want a console just get it and stop the hate

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