New GTA4 info emerges

Andrew Reiner from Game Informer, spills the beans on what he saw behind the dark, iron walls of Rockstar's New York fortress to

Highlights includes :
- No loading times from what the reporter could tell
- Helicopters are still in there
- Improved AI, and you can get yourself a girlfriend (better in a game, than not at all, ay nerd boys)
- Reduced pop-up, improved fps, great lighting
- Breaking in the window of a car, to get inside

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Maldread4253d ago

it almost sounded as he was a spokesman for Rockstar to be honest hehe, but i hope he`s right about the about the fps, because it would be nice to see a GTA- game running in a stable fps, which is something i`ve got to say will be hard with the graphical detail in GTA4. For a GTA game, it looks great, in my opinion.

It will be interesting to see what kind of aiming-system they go for too. I thought the San-Andreas approach was a step in the right direction, and would like to see a free aim, over an auto one. At least don`t put the two on the same button again.

The more realistic tone in GTA will also take some of my focus. It will most likely mean a more serious tone for the game, which could clash with the more cartoonish level of fun, but i`m sure Rockstar will still let you cause a lot of mayhem on your own. Just hope the added realism will suck the fun out of it.

Karebear4253d ago

This whole article seems to be recapping the other post from earlier on here. See:

Maldread4253d ago

Yeah, you`re right. I`m sorry i wasn`t aware that it pretty much had been posted before. Hmm, guess i can`t relay on the check for duplicates at all, as it has failed me on more than one occasion now. I don`t see why it dosn`t bring up all the hits on GTA, because this story didn`t show up at all.

Guess i`ll have to search the site myself more closely from now on, before i post.

For other people, check out the link Karebear gave out here, the other story provides a more detailed look at GTA4 than "mine".

redmamoth4253d ago

Anyone know what the lead SKU is on this...? PS3 or 360?

Frulond4253d ago

" - Improved AI, and you can get yourself a girlfriend (better in a game, than not at all, ay nerd boys) "

Maldread4253d ago

Hehe you liked that one ay nerd boy. Base that on the LOL use ;)

Frulond4253d ago

er... well... I guess my wife wont get pissed if I get some pixel a$$ ;) hehe

Maldread4253d ago

Hehe you never know ;) Nice one though.

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