PS3 scores Kane & Lynch, Crossfire

Eidos daddy company SCi has thrown in the towel and decided to release its blaster duo Kane & Lynch: Dead Men and Crossfire on PlayStation 3.

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Rybnik4254d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

There is going to be a string of comments as soon as this goes live!!
It looks like the "third party exclusivity" stuff goes both ways, eh??

D3acon4253d ago

on, but nobody believed me. They had the kane and Lynch game box on display for the ps3 and I asked her if it was a mistake and the employee at Gamestop had it listed as being released on the ps3.

I would have reported it here but it would have been a blog or something since I'm not an official reporter or journalist.

Bhai4254d ago

More 360 exclusives got multi-ed ! They add up to an already solid lineup. 360 exvlusives like Saint's Row, Oblivion, Two worlds, test drive Unlimited, Ace Combat 6, the franchise Ninja Gaiden etc. are already been multi-ed. Above two are great indeed. I think Trusty Bell and BioShock's announcements are a matter of time !

Rybnik4254d ago

Especially Trusty Bell(Eternal Sonata) as that is all but confirmed, thanks to the ESRB.

TheMART4254d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

Dude again

Was any former part of this game exclusive to the XBOX platform? Ever?

No. It's a new IP. It was announced on the 360, and they hold back for the PS3 because they didn't knew if there were enough sales before they want to release the game. Probably they think it will.

Same with Oblivion, FNR3 and others. The PS3 wasn't out when the games launched. So it was sort of 'timed' exclusive for the 360.

These games would always have been multiplatform. Same story as GRAW 1 was only on 360, GRAW 2 is multiplatform.

Besides Ninja Gaiden 1 remake, which other real former parts exclusives can you name that came over to the PS platform? I can name you multiple ones that went from PS (multiple sequels of those games before only on PS) to the XBOX platform

Virtua Fighter 5
Virtua Tennis 3

Should I go on? You Sony fanboys are so eager to twist these 'non exclusive' stories in a tiny bit of positive news for the beloved PS3. I think you'll cry harder when FFXIII and MGS4 come over to the 360. Oh and don't forget God of War 3

And time will tell, as it had before when I heard all Sony fanboys say that DMC4 would never ever be on the 360. I've heard it all before

@ Bhai, all games named just prove my point, not yours:

"Saint's Row, Oblivion, Two worlds, test drive Unlimited, Ace Combat 6"

Saint's Row, Oblivion, TDU were here when the PS3 wasn't even born. Ace Combat has always been PS platform. Now went Multi and the 360 has it timed exclusive. Two Worlds was just about waiting when the PS3 had sold some.

Like I said, NG 1 remake. Fine. You get that one, the 360 gets Ninja Gaiden 2 and you will be able to play it 2 or 3 years later. That's fine with me.

Honeal2g4254d ago

The mart i agree with u sorta but God of WAr 3 is made by sony isn't it? kinda like halo 3 for Microsoft except no where close to the fan base.. Thats just what i thought correct me if i;m wrong.

Ggame4254d ago

I think "BioShock" is the next title to be Multi-Platform.

NewZealander4254d ago

Bioshock was anounced Exclusive for the 360 at X06 by microsoft and devs, The only way Bioshock will be released on the ps3 is after its been released on pc and the 360 for atleast 6 months to a year as it may be a timed exclusive. so keep wishing as it wont be released the same time as the 360 if at all. and if it does get released later it will be an old game by the time.

macsto4254d ago

I think DMC4, VF5 and UT3 are a bigger loss for sony.

Bhai4254d ago

It ain't the case here buddy, because:

1. Sony's platform 'WON' the current-gen, their current-gen console(PS2) is still alive and in excellent health, a Sony exclusive going multi only looks like "its shared" !!! while a MS/360 title going multi lokks like "its lost" because they NEED exclusives for their currnt-gen system died pre-maturely and all their bet in on their new machine. PS3 although quite costy has been really ast selling in comparison to 360 in the same time frame, especially if you consider that 360 didn't have any next-gen competition all along the first year.

2. Microsoft is following Sony's footsteps, they are trying to do with 360 what Sony did with PS1&PS2 i.e., getting more 3rd party exclusives. Sony being the true leader and industry visionary knew that the same old concepts wouldn't bring next-gen at all, so they took the true next-gen way and are coming up with brand new software structures...two of which have already rocked the world at first glance: them being "HOME" and "LITTLE BIG PLANET", something more will certaily be coming up. WHile MS was only busy trying to 'buy' more exclusive HaHaHa !

CrazzyMan4254d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

Sony has A LOT OF exclusives =)
and M$ has only FEW. =)

So when ps3 lose exlusives, it still has some really good exclusives, which you won`t be able to play anywhere else,
and when M$ lose exclusives, it`s going to same way as first xbox, will be Halo3 left, forza2, PGR3/4, some Mistwalker jrpg, but PS3 will have A LOT OF jrpgs, so what left to x360 ?

Only multiplatform games, which with time will be worse, then on PS3, because ps3 has more powerful cpu and gpu, x360 have only advantage, that`s easier to develop on it, but soon or later, developers will utilize power of cell, then ps3 will dominate.

and yeah, it`s good for M$ gettting GTA4, DMC4, AC6, TB, UT3, VF5 to go multiplatform, atleast xbox360 owners will have some good games. :)

Honeal2g4254d ago

Everyone is write but Yea Ps3 will have alot of JRPGs....lmao thats what they like... Thats like saying 360 will have alot of FPS... The way i see the systems are i little less lob sided than most people. Ps3 yes has a potential better selection of games but its not going to be the same domination they had in the ps2 era, yes there selling Sh!t loads of ps2 it only cost like 110$ dollars i'm about to go buy one in like 2 days it should be expected to be out selling a 400 and 600 dollar system.

CrazzyMan4254d ago

now let`s see:
psOne had A LOT OF JRPGs.
ps2 had A LOT OF JRPGs.
could you name some real reasonS, why ps3 won`t have A LOT OF JRPGs ? Thank you.

Again, ps3 won`t be selling forever for 600$, in time it will cost less.
You know, that expensive things have more range to get cheaper, then cheaper one?
Just to think, 17' LCD 3 years ago cost 2 times more, so if after 3 years ps3 will cost 300$ and x360 200$, what will you chose? 20GB, (+70$ for online) VS 60GB, wi-fi, blu-ray player,(HDD in all ver.) free online ?

@12 i can name about 40 exclusive PS3 games, which will come in near 1,5 year. =)
Do you need? =))

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Loudninja4254d ago

2kagmes confriemd 20 games for the PS3 while back, one of them will be this game just watch

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