DirectX 10 for everyone?

With upcoming games like Halo 2 and Crysis requiring DirectX 10 in both hardware and software, it comes as a welcome surprise that a group has managed to release a preview build of a project which promises to bring DirectX10 compatibility to Windows 2000 and XP when completed. The Alky Project is also working on bringing Windows-only game releases to other platforms, like OS X and Linux.

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snoop_dizzle4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

But if all or most new computers are changing to vista, xp would become less and less prevelant, though that will probably take a while.

btw PS3 Owns All change the picture, you don't want that crazy guy as your avatar, pick like phil harrison or something.

snoop_dizzle4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

at first i thought that was kutaragi. never mind boy am i tired. Thats actually Hirai or whatever his name is. No he isnt as crazy as kutaragi

hfaze4016d ago

I would absolutely LOVE to be able to play DX10 games in an OS other than Vista... Linux would be friggin amazing, although I could live with XP.

I thought it was stupid of Microsoft to try and push Vista as a gaming platform when it is the most resource hogging OS they have put out to date! Vista merely runs OK on a system with 1GB of RAM, while XP (and Linux) would FLY if you gave it 1GB...

Here's to hoping these guys can successfully port this over to Linux!!

Somethnnew184016d ago

Look at vista as a new game console on the p.c.
I know that sounds really wierd...But they obviously just released it right...Like with any new GAMING PLATFORM there is a wait period for optimization...Now don't get me wrong..I know that vista can hog your system resources...I'm sure they'll completly optimize that so that you can choose exactly how much system resource you want windows to take...But do you get my point?

Somethnnew184016d ago

No more hating on the xbox 360 you ps3 fanboys.....I love sony as much as you all do...But I'm giving it up to Xbox360...Cause I got one....I will have PS3 by the end of the summer....But I just want you all to know that just because xbox360 and ps3 don't support dx10 it's being developed not just for your precious ps3...Go to cryteks website and check out the engine specifications if you don't believe me!

Striker D4016d ago

Yeah, I have a 360 too. Gotta love the Xbox lovin' though. Sure the ps3 has [email protected], but we have awesome games. Fatal Inertia isn't even exclusive to PS3 anymore. Sony's gotta be doing something wrong.

Rooted_Dust4016d ago

supports Direct 9 and 10. The console version of the engine will probably use a beefed up version of DX 9, unless Sony and MS are ready to launch another SKU with DX10 capable video cards.

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