Warhawk-15 New Screens

Here's 15 new screenshots from the upcoming game "Warhawk" coming out for the Playstation 3 computer entertainment system.

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Juevani3747d ago

is it just me or is warhawk really lookin better graphicly for everytime they post something on it...

very nice pics, this game looks promessing and it will prolly push the psn to the limits ;)

AppleSlime3747d ago

Should look great in HD.

Mkdcoupe43747d ago

cant wait for this game.....anyone know wen its cumn out?

Frulond3747d ago

According to IGN release dates it should be out in September. I don't remember where but I think I read something about a demo of this game in PSN before launch... I can only hope :D

MetalProxy3747d ago

The list at EBgames said it will be in August some time. Iam so looking forward to this game. The only question I have is it going to be a download or a hard disc version.

Frulond3747d ago

I read somewhere (god damn brain farting way to often)... or saw that they are planning to make this a Downloadable game and they will also sell the actual Disc (whatever is going to be too many formats nowadays). No clue if you'll need to install it or something

schnodder3747d ago

This looks totally awesome. can't wait ....

achira3747d ago

looks very awesome, everytime we see pics of it it gets better.

techie3747d ago

Really like the lightng...looks great shining of the water...and they have diff tmes of day, I wonder if it's in real-time...anyway it'll look and play great :)

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