Xbox 360 Black Wireless Controller (a.k.a. The Duke 2.0) Available!

The new Black Xbox 360 controller brings back fond memories of the original Xbox controller, known to many simply as 'The Duke'... It is perhaps the most infamous controller ever developed... causing many Japanese men to feel a bit... um... small....

For reasons unknown, the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller was launched without a snappy nickname...

Will the new Black Xbox 360 Wireless Controller be known as the 'Duke 2.0'?

Only time will tell young grasshoppers... only time will tell...

BTW... has all the new Black Controllers and accessories available and on sale!

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chitown4255d ago

the black one looks tight as hell

Diselage4255d ago

That black looks dead sexy.

PS3 Owns All4255d ago

It looks like the original X Box S difference only wireless and the home button.

power of Green 4255d ago

With you two, its dead sexy!. The Elite is the coolest console ever although i like the DreamCast but the DreamCast wasn't black!.

Nascasho4255d ago

After seeing this link i bought one. It does in fact look sweet.

calderra4255d ago

Yes, you're right. SIXAXIS is the world's only black controller ever.

(@[email protected])

"Why ya gotta be that way, huh?"

Juevani4255d ago

lol, ya'll gettin upset like I was talkin about ur moms..

microgreen4255d ago

Same color only much better controller then the sixaxis no force feed back when will the next gen start for you PS3 fanboys, you have 2 good games and alot of movies.

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kewlkat0074255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

after all its only a controller..haha Oh yeah thanks for letting me know, Sony patented everything black...It must be somebodies time of the month or something.

It's only a black controller, and it goes well with the Elite, people like me hate mismatching colors lol, but its all good.

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The story is too old to be commented.