Mainstream Media Admits Thompson Is Wrong

MSNBC's new article: 'People like Thompson are essentially feeding off the fears of those who don't understand games. Everyone wants a simple solution for a massively complex problem. For those who didn't grow up playing video games, the appeal of a game like "Counter-Strike" can be hard to comprehend. The game promotes communication and team work.'

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Rybnik4249d ago

Yes!!! Thank god somebody whose opinions will be seen by millions is FINALLY on our side! I'm approving this right away.

Striker D4249d ago

When will Jack Thompson just shutup? He's making me sick!

Robotz Rule4249d ago

Someone shuts this f'ker up:)

silent ninja4249d ago

i was listening to what thompson was saying this guy is full of Sh*t out of nowhere he blames video games for virginia tech shooting when it being proven by other news media that the guy who did the shooting was suffering from some mental illness his reasoning is that games like CS give strategic ways of killing your enemies

FCOLitsjustagame4249d ago

JT apparently knows as little about weapons and tactics as he does about video games. Shooting in a FPS is nothing like shooting in real life and does not "train" you in any way.

I also find it amusing that this fellows roommates say he was on the computer all the time, but not playing video games but reading\writing. Yet JT the massacar chaser cant stop himself but to use this for his "cause". He seems to have a messiah complex and thinks he knows whats best for everyone in the world. People like that can be dangerous if they get a following. Thankfully JT has continously proven his inability to appear sane enough to gather that following. The fact that he cant touch T2 now will hurt his "cause" even more.

Though I do find it amusing he called the FBI on Kotaku for threats to his life. I wonder how many calls the FBI would get if every single person called\faxed them when someone was mean to them. Wonder why JT thinks he is so important that he should get special treatment....other then the "special treatment" he may get in a nice white walled hospital that is.

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The story is too old to be commented.