Ninja Gaiden Sigma Gets Collector's Edition

Team Ninja's reincarnation of Ninja Gaiden is going to be released with a Gamestop exclusive collector's edition for the PS3.

For $70, you will receive a 2-disc set with special hi-res packaging, a behind the scenes DVD from Team Ninja, and special codes to unlock Ryu and Rachael mission modes.

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Robotz Rule3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Pickin' up the collector's edition yes I am!!!:)

ITR3743d ago

Whats with all these special editions..or limited editions.

I guess their for hardcore gamers?

I guess I don't see the point.

Ps30073742d ago

Why couldnt they add the content to the Blu Ray disc?

zantetsuken3742d ago

Same reason HD-DVD's and Blu-ray's still do that crap, people like extra nonsense. Plus you're still getting other extras for the $10.

hulk_bash19873742d ago

Sign me up for one of those, this will be my first Collectors edition game for the PS3 and i think for everyone else as well, and it is a welcomed edition.

Theo11303742d ago

all exited to see people talk, maybe if i came with a action figure, or a multiplayer mode that will be sold later on

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