Full Length Video of Leaked Halo 3 Footage

The leaked video shows more footage than seen before in the one released earlier today. The level they are playing appears to be Zanzibar redone, named "Last Resort"

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Diselage4254d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

Personally i don't think it looks anything near Halo 2 graphics. They have done a good job and considering this is only a beta i feel they are on a good track to make this game look outstanding. I really love the redone map as well, though gameplay on it will be completely different from the original.

Schmitty074254d ago

I think the graphics look really good after seeing this HD footage

no_more_heroes4254d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

this is only an alpha, cuz thats where all the footage you've ever seen of halo 3 is coming from
*EDIT* Never mind. see beta build in very fine writing.

InMyOpinion4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

Do you still believe that Bungie are stupid enough to show you what the final graphics will look like in the multiplayer beta?

*edit* Oh, not supposed to answer your comment. Sorry about that.

Diselage4253d ago

Who said those are final graphics?

eLiNeS4253d ago

I'm a beta tester for Shadowrun for the Xbox 360 and the graphics for Halo 3 'BETA' look absolutely amazing in comparison. From what I know, they dial down the graphics way down, for 1) to make the download size small. There's going to be a lot of gamers downloading Halo 3 beta on May 17th ;-) so the size has to be dialed down. The only way to do that is dial down the graphics. 2) they want you to test the physics of the game and the game play, give feedback on changes you would make to the game, and to report bugs, not critic how the graphics look.

I do like the updated map of Zanzibar but I would have brought that out after the game was released and add this map to a map pack along with many new maps. Hopefully this is the only map they redid and are working on a ton of new maps or they should label this as Halo 2.5.

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Rybnik4254d ago

Looks great, good find, man!

AkUmAzRaGe lRl4254d ago

That was a good find bring us some more PLEASE! :)

Monchichi0254254d ago

Just watched the video with all my friends who came over and we're all sitting here about to piss our pants with how incredible Halo is looking. My last two friends were just convinced to go with a 360 instead of a PS3 now. Now all 12 of us our 360 fans. Oh happy day!!!

AkUmAzRaGe lRl4254d ago

Thats good that there going to get a 360, thats the BEST way to go
then you guys will able to play live together

brianodom4253d ago

FAIL @ trying to sway people to get a game...

San anto4253d ago

dont gimme that bs, ill give u guys somethin to piss urselves about *shakes fist*

Diselage4254d ago

I wish there was a timer on there but i'll do my best to explain. Right after the player dies the first time he spawns near where the Invisability is on the current map. It's a gun that has a square retinal and he never fires it. What gun is that? the outline looks like it has a blade on the front and pistol handle on the back. Any ideas?

made4253d ago

when he drops it for the BR and then walks over it the outline looks like maybe the new weapon they mentioned called the Brute Rifle (I think)

Oncnawan4253d ago

It is called the Brute Spiker.