Pelican Air Flo for PlayStation 3 Review

Last week IGN got a look at Pelican Air Flo for the PlayStation 3. This week they published their full review. The device is likely be the first cooling solution to hit the market for the PlayStation 3. The device itself is a single unit that clips snuggly to the top of the PS3 (when the console is vertical), and draws power from its own AC-adaptor rather than by USB or a pass-through on the PS3's power supply.

Overall Rating: 7.9/10

Seems to be a good investment if your one of those owners who have reported ongoing heating problems with the console during Blu-ray movie playback, including playback stuttering and 'Your PlayStation 3 is too hot. Please shut down.' warnings.

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timmyp534257d ago

but hey if you insist about the safety ..on top of your warranty.

Bathyj4257d ago

My PS3 isn't even slightly hot. Dont get me wrong, it pumps out some really hot air from the vent that actually had me worried the first time I switched it on, but the machine itself felt cool. I guess thats what the fan is for.

I read these sort of things, at least the one I read about for Xbox can pump dust into your machine since it has fans blowing and sucking.

Yeah, not for me, I dont think its needed. Its sweet the way it looks like part of the PS3 though.

kornbeaner4257d ago

I've noticed a little skip when I have played my NBA 2k7 for a while @1080i, but i never had that "Too hot.....Shut down Error".

I usally just grab a small tower fan lay my PS3 horizantally and place the fan next to it. seems to work just fine and I still have a fan for later use.

Whoooop4257d ago

I just put my PS3 on the fridge everytime i play, seems to work for me :P

Seriously, my PS3 tends to get a little bit hot, but nothing to be concerned about.. I haven't played BD's yet so i don't know..

I live in a pretty hot place and I play with the AC turned on most of the time, so extreme hotness has not been a problem for me..

tethered4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

What the Hell? The black isn't even the same color of black?
You would think they could find out what material Sony was using before they put this out.

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The story is too old to be commented.