New Two Worlds Screens

The scandinavian game site GameReactor has some new screens of Two Worlds.

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Raistlin4257d ago

If the Mass Effect rumor is true, this game will have to hold me over for the entire summer! The online co-op should definitely help. The new screen shots are looking good.

Leathersoup4256d ago

The Two Worlds website, doesn't say anything about a PS3 version but I hope they do make one. When awesome games come out I believe developers should do whatever they can to put the game on as many systems as possible. I like my 360 but I don't see why anyone should be forced to purchase one particular console to play certain games.

Leathersoup4256d ago

I'm looking forward to this game in a big way! The variety in environments looks intriguing and they really do the dark gothic look very well! It'll definitely be in my game library. :)

power of Green 4256d ago

? Are talking about those rumors. J/K.

InMyOpinion4256d ago

It looks a bit better than those last pics. Thanks for using my tips =)