Halo 3 Beta Screengrabs

Screengrabs from Halo 3 beta video.

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BenzMoney4225d ago

Looks much nicer than the youtube video. I wanted to download the HD video, but I'm at work and a 310MB file was just too much trouble so it'll have to wait a couple hours... Looks awesome though!

PS3 Owns All4224d ago

Where is the HD screens? This looks like Halo 2 on HD so far.

Rybnik4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

Damn Zormi, I was just about to post these!!
They look great, btw, just as I predicted

chitown4225d ago

do we finally get to use the fuel rod gun?? it looked like except the fire was red.

Diselage4225d ago

Theres no fuel rod, the red thing is like a lazer cannon. Maybe thats what you saw.

calderra4225d ago

You mean the Spartan Laser, one of (if not the) first new weapons revealed regarding Halo3, and which has been seen widely and talked about frequently in virtually every single major media piece talking about Halo 3 since any information at all went public?

Yeah, that one.

God of Gaming4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

For those that play halo 2.. these look like a VERY big jump in quality. Put them side by side... especially with H3 in HD and the changes will be very obvious. Its looking fantastic... can not wait!

Oh and ChiTown.. that is the spartan laser you are seeing him fire.... new weapon to take out vehicles.

MoonDust4225d ago

LOOKS SICK! Like the sand too.

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The story is too old to be commented.