Jet Black: Nintendo was the "Smart One"

Jet Black, the brand new Wii/DS-specific studio agrees that Nintendo was smart to go in a different direction this generation than Sony and Microsoft. To quote Jet Black CEO, Roger Freddi, "They've [Nintendo] certainly widened the demographic that these games appeal to. It's opened up a whole new market." He also goes on to say that working on Nintendo platforms allows him and his team to work in smaller groups while being able to focus more on the creative aspect instead of the technical ones.

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consolewar4136d ago

Sony and M$ as the stupid ones right?

Cell-R4136d ago

is the stupid one, and possibly MS also, because the Wii is gonna rock (after it actually gets some games)

unsunghero284136d ago

Brawl, Galaxy and Corruption are going to rock the pants off of the Holiday '07 season.

rigo924136d ago

I have so many games I wanna buy for my wii this year, SMBB, SMG, MP3, Scarface, maybe SM3, looks tempting, RE: UC. Man, ill have to feed on rise if I want to buy all those games.

But amen, this year will be great for wii owners all over.

commadore654136d ago

Aiming to make audiences on these platforms. I guess thats an advantage of nintendo taking this route.

Releasing the wii mote could have been disasterous with next gen overheads to worry about, Specific content just wouldnt get made (bar nintendo first party).