Sony Online's Worldwide Quest

SOE's new VP of business development and international operations Dave Christensen would argue that it's never too late to compete in new markets, as long as you have a unique strategy.

SOE's primary market is currently North America, targeting Western gamers with MMOs such as PlanetSide, Star Wars Galaxies, The Matrix Online, EverQuest and the recently released Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Meanwhile, foreign products such as Lineage along with US competitor Blizzard with World of Warcraft are hogging up increasing amounts of MMO market share overseas.

Christensen, who worked as a consultant for SOE six months before coming on board in January, freely admits that SOE will have to play some catch-up in the international market. "With China and Korea, I don't want to say we missed the boat there, but we're going to have to work with partners there to really build up our presence in that region," he says.

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