Hollywood: Updates on Silent Hill 2 & Clock Tower

Happy day, kids -- finally, a story about videogame movies that doesn't involve a certain infamous German director with a habit of producing awesome videogame adaptations.

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FFVIIFan4249d ago

the first Silent Hill movie was okay at best, so I'm hoping the second is better. The Clock Tower movie sounds promising though if done to justice.

ITR4249d ago

I saw the theatrical release of Silent Hill.
I only liked a few parts of it..

Maybe this will be better?

level 3604249d ago

Thought the first movie was very much true to the game, which kept all the characteristic of its very creepy story and unusual ghostly creatures and don't forget the eerie soundscape. It's quite an ( AB- ) cult-movie sort of a way, just like The Underworld series, that's why only a handful could grasp it's true nature. Hope the second one betters that, but I'm a bit sceptical w/ 2nd part movies... Love the Silent Hill games.