Linux petitioners want Sony to open up PS3's graphical innards

Currently, when using Linux on the PS3, Sony blocks access to its RSX graphics unit thanks to its "Hypervisor" chip which can only be got around with Sony's approval. This means that 3D graphics performance in Linux is "bloody awful".

The reason for the block is the fear that 3D games in Linux would be too competitive with the PS3's own games and hence undermine Sony's investment. But Linux fans argue that any games created would likely be homebrew in scale considering the required costs, time and resources of developing a AAA game. One point made is:

"Do they [Sony] think people will code Gears of War 2 at home?"

Hence, Linux supporters have come up with an online petition which will hopefully change Sony's mind.

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biomajor094134d ago

I hope Sony actually reads theses things.

Neutral Gamer4134d ago

I've been using XNA at the moment on my 360 (think it's great) and I'd love to be able to unleash the raw power of the RSX on my PS3 as well.

It doesn't just have to be for games, being able to create a media streamer for example, with super cool 3D visualisations would be sweet.

Bathyj4134d ago

People making illegal apps. For example making a media player that might support .avi's or rip DVDs (or BR) straight to your HD. Things like that, which might get them in trouble.

I dont believe for a second they're worried about lose of revenue to people making their own games. Jeese, its not like homebrewers are going to release more or better quality games than the real devs out there. Even Nintendo would product more game then they would. If anything they would probably love people making homemade small games. They could put them up on PSN. Someone remake Boulderdash please.

Neutral Gamer4134d ago

Yeah Bathyj, arcade remakes and original concepts would be great on PSN created by bedroom programmers. The thing about XNA is that you're working with a layer around the underlying Xbox API.

That way you can't access sensitive parts of the system or other programs' data. Yet, of course we still get hardware graphics acceleration through this interface.

If Sony could do something similar, writing a safe layer around their fundamental codebase, then I could show off my own programs/games to my friends on my 360 AND PS3 - now that would be sweet!

techie4134d ago

The RSX is a very secretive thing at the moment...noone actually knows its specs. I think they have things this space.

Lumbo4134d ago

actually ALL the PS3 hardware is virtualized via the hypervisor interface, not just the rsx. The main prob is that the rsx is only usable via the framebuffer interface right now, prolly a driver issue.

Sony won't allow direct access to the hardware for copy protection reasons. Thats the same reason why you can not access the PS3 part of the HDD via linux, its all behind the gatekeeper, out of reach for the general public.

peksi4133d ago

No one has succeeded yet but you can try and access the HDD by removing and hooking it up to your PC. I'm sure it will be cracked sooner or later.

I will most definately sign the petition!

ITR4134d ago

Tear down that wall Sony!

Or someone else will.

Nik4134d ago

I'm quite surprised that it hasn't been hacked yet.

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