Peter Moore interview, part one

Here's roughly the first third of an interview with Peter Moore conducted by

The interview took place Thursday, before his participation on a panel devoted to "Taming Gaming in Your Home."

Here is a brief highlight from the interview:

Q (Mike Antonucci): And people would jump in and say, fine, but, the biggest successes Microsoft has had in gaming is with M-rated titles. Be a better corporate citizen, find an (entertainment) platform that's successful that doesn't have an M on it.

A (Peter Moore) : ...If the reference is to Halo, I'll stand by Halo. Yes, it's a M-rated game because of the criteria, the quantitative criteria that the ESRB rightly puts in. But it is something that I felt comfortable (with) when my son was 16, maybe a year under the age. And I may be going out on a limb here: Yeah, I felt comfortable when he was 16. Did I feel comfortable with other games? No, and I wouldn't let him play them...

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Bill Gates4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

Don't look so sad in that picture Peter. It seems no one wants to here what you have to say :( aah we'll make it through this...right?,.....won't!t if this doesn't work, this whole gaming disaster will be your fault. In which case I would have to ring your neck.

snoop_dizzle4249d ago

but seriously. M soft and Sony have some nutcases.

Sony has Kutaragi. By gosh sometimes i didn't know what to think about him.

And Msoft has some crazy dude i guess.

But either way, both sides or any company for that matter lays the BS a little too thick.