Ex Advent Rising Devs Unveil XBLA's Undertow

Independent developers Chair Entertainment (former Advent Rising developers) have announced their latest original IP game, with underwater conquest action title Undertow for Xbox Live Arcade, due for release this summer.

Powered by Unreal Engine 3 and including a full 15-level single player campaign as well as up to 16 player online battles, Undertow gives players the choice of being one of four unique, upgradeable unit types -- from fast and agile to large and powerful -- and taking part in conquest-style battles.

Players will score points by killing enemies, accomplishing team goals, and taking check points, with those points being used to later upgrade unit abilities.

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hamburgerhill4255d ago

Well i hope this xbla game is a good game because it sounds fun! Still I want to hear more on Empire and hope that Advent Rising see's a sequel because it had potential that showed! MS needs to make there popular games last gen BC because the only games you can play are the ones you could really care less about!

ryanjtravis4255d ago

Very ambitious for an XBLA title - I'm looking forward to watching this develop!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4255d ago

I would rather have Advent Rising part two.

hulk_bash19874255d ago

Hopefully this game turns out better than the very disappointing Advent Rising a few years back. Trilogy cut short.