Blu-ray Burns its HD DVD Rival

An article by Thomas K. Arnold from PC World on the March sale figures of HD-DVD and Blu Ray discs.

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InMyOpinion4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

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techie4250d ago

Do we really need another report of the same numbers with different words?

Neutral Gamer4250d ago

All we seem to be getting now are essentially the same stories told in different ways, maybe the title's slightly different, maybe it summarises previous stories, maybe it adds or changes some words.

But that doesn't stop it being the same thing; I thought that's what Alternative Sources were for?

Aaargh Deep! I'm starting to go mad! How long before we start seeing 60, no wait, 100 different reviews submitted for one game every time a new game is released? :p

XxZxX4250d ago

Another one? This gonna get old pretty soon

power of Green 4250d ago

Agreed!. No one will really know anything untill the price drops for these HD players and the masses decide; not earily adopters.

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The story is too old to be commented.