BioWare responds to release date rumors

BioWare Community Coordinator responds to September release date rumors.

"We do not yet have a release date: When we do have a release date, we will make it known here on the boards."

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predator4254d ago

There is hope of this coming before september!!!!!!!!!

(well small hope anyway)

TheXgamerLive4254d ago

I want it now!!!! But, I'll wait for it to be the best, most complete game it can be.

Besides I'm still deciding on what type of player I want to start out as.

WTF4254d ago

I hope they lunch the game in June-August,nearly every blockbuster game is coming late this year.

TheXgamerLive4253d ago

Not that that really means anything.

snoop_dizzle4254d ago

all i know is my grades in college are gonna go down around this time becasue ill be playing a lot of video games.

Covenant4254d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

September...I'm officially depressed.

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