New Xbox in the offering? Xbox 720?

From T3:
"Is the 360 Elite just a stepping stone for something altogether more powerful?

Is Microsoft really preparing a new Xbox? According to a patent filed in the US, extreme techy types at the corporation are working on a 'multi-component gaming system', creating a monster networked gaming centre for the home..."

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ASSASSYN 36o4257d ago

Microsoft is notorious for alot. But one is not sitting on their collective a$$ just riding the 360 till the end. The 360 was in development mere months after the first xbox launched. Companies that rush to build these consoles screw themselves in the financial process.

dknight4257d ago

Sounds possible.
720 by 2010 then?

joemutt4257d ago

I could put my 360 in the Den and connect them. Wait, thats what Im gonna do with the elite!

ITR4257d ago

Hmm I wonder if this could be coming out sooner then rather later?


Somethnnew184257d ago

I think this is all rumor...Just a bunch of hypothetical BS!....But props to microsoft for the patent going in and all...The patent was for 2005 not in the future....Wierd?...I don't know....I saw it though...It looked kinda funny to me?

ITR4257d ago

Best to patent now then later.

Then if someone uses it you can sue them for patent infringement.

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The story is too old to be commented.