PGR 4 scans with details

A Polish magazine now has more details, with the pages being scanned for your viewing pleasure. All is after the jump for you to get excited about.

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gta_cb4132d ago

just read all the extra stuff there putting into the game, and it sounds pretty SWEET! :D

zonetrooper54132d ago

"200 courses"

^^ Thats alot of courses :P

Cartesian3D4132d ago

720p 30 FPS means cinematic visuals.. in term of graphics it will beat Forza2 for sure... but in physics not sure.. or gameplay they will work very hard on it ( as they said ) ...

Lygre4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

It's a bit strange that Bizarre aren't going to make PGR4 go 60 FPS when Turn 10 are making Forza 2 with 60 FPS. But I'm sure that PGR4 will be a fun arcade racer, just like PGR3. A few more races in PGR3 and I'll pass my race # 6000. =)

If you see K Lygre RIP 247 on Online Career. It's me.

decapitator4132d ago

This is old, is been floating around for about 3 days now and it just got published ? anyway..those are some nice details.

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The story is too old to be commented.