GAMES:EDU:07 revealed

Pixel-Lab and Tandem Events have unveiled a new education event called GAMES:EDU:07.

It will take place alongside the Develop Conference in Brighton on Tuesday, 24th July.

Among those confirmed to be speaking their brains are Microsoft development bigwig Chris Satchell, MotorStorm man Matt Southern, all of Epic Studios including the tea lady, and Nick Burton from Rare.

There'll also be the chance to hop in on some workshops lead by the University of Abertay, the University of Glamorgan and Full Sail from the US.

Skillset, the sector skills council for the industry will also be there, hosting "The Skillset Sessions". These case studies will show how education can work better in the games industry, in the hope that the UK will become a hive of innovative talent as opposed to scum and villainy.

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