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Left 4 Dead 2 is racist because 'several' zombies are black

This is unbelievable. I've seen people try and find racist undertones in harmless entertainment before, but The Houston Chronicle's Willie Jefferson takes home the prize for making the most ridiculous and convoluted racism link in history. According to him, Left 4 Dead 2 is "disturbing" because "several" of the zombies are African-American. Yep, that's right -- you can't even have ONE black zombie without somebody crying racism (Left 4 Dead 2, PC, Xbox 360)

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Jockamo  +   2241d ago
Call of Duty games are next. They ALL GERMAN.
Nelson M  +   2241d ago
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2241d ago
Yes, but they are all white so it's okay to shoot white people and have white zombies.

The people living their lives by color are the same people always complaining about racism.
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Trollimite  +   2241d ago
did you guys know
that people get payed and have careers based off of finding racsist stuff.

im black and i dont see anything wrong with it!

the point is that no one who acctually plays video games cares.
G3TDOWN  +   2241d ago
It's racist if they are not black !!!!
in every single game you kill white people more than anything else, now we add some blacks and its racist ? STFU
JustinSaneV2  +   2241d ago

I'm totally digging the "Ina" Fried photo.
menoyou  +   2241d ago
This is what liberals have done to our country. Think a black person should get a job over a white person just because of skin color? Support gays? Voted for Obama? Believe in feminism? You are part of the problem. In fact, this jack ass probably got his job as a journalist because of these outrageous liberal policies and outcries.
heroicjanitor  +   2241d ago
You are more likely to be racist if you notice it...
I played it a lot and I was shooting zombies. I wasn't shooting black and white zombies, I was shooting zombies. Like most people here.
sack_boi  +   2241d ago
You need to STFU. You don't have a slight clue of what you're talking about, so let the adults do the talking while you sit back and watch.
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Sarcasm  +   2241d ago
The PS3 is racist because it's black and has sold less than the "White" consoles.

Sarcasm  +   2241d ago
Black, White, Asian, Red, Green.

I don't care what race you are. To me, people are people. I've met "bad" people from all different races ranging from asian, white, hispanic, black, arabic etc. etc. and in contrast I've met good hard working folks from all races too.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2241d ago
Bubbles sarcasm for saying how it truely is.

Then again, this man is giving others a bad name too.
deadpoole  +   2241d ago
For god sake these people need to get the life. If they dont find anything else to bash they come up with this idiotic topic.

I would love to kick zombie ass anytime of the day and I wont give a ratsass about if that zombie is black/white/purple/blue whatever ... anyone who is after my character's neck & blood, 12gaugepumpgun is gonna create a hole in zombie's head.

Atleast Zombies dont give a heck about color or race, they work all together.
STEVIE_  +   2241d ago
Jefferson says: "I don't have a problem blasting Nazis in "Call of Duty" and "Medal of Honor.""
That's racism, in its purest form.
heroicjanitor  +   2241d ago
That's because the black zombies could be nice people, but we won't give them a chance, and every nazi was a horrible excuse for a human /sarcasm
LastDance  +   2241d ago
@ menoyou
Oh yeah...coz the alternative to Obama was aces!..

"You see....Arab nations like to be dominated by superpowers...they...like to be policed by countries like us"

And that idiot chick who loves guns!

America definately dodged that bullet.
Chubear  +   2241d ago
Ohhhh you guys are so frikgen gullible it hurts my brain jsut thinking about it
When has ANYONE last heard of anyone talking about black Zombies in L4D? This guy just made up some BS story for hits on their site and you all fall hook 'n sink 'er.


It's unbelievable how these gaming sites just toy with the community. Now you have all these closet racists fricking out like someone spit on their mother. The gaming community really needs to check it's self.
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topdawg122  +   2241d ago
Dude that sh!t is ridiculous, this dude just gives blacks a bad name by comin up with this bullsh!t. Come on bro relax
likedamaster  +   2241d ago
Resident Evil 5 all over again.
aueslander  +   2240d ago
theEnemy  +   2240d ago
People who bring sh1t like these
are the ones who are racists.

It's like they are finding ways just to bring Racism up.

fcking hypocrites.
Nihilism  +   2240d ago
does the fact that i'm white mean that i myself am a racist symbol against black people....because i'm not black.....that will be the logic next.....god damn i hate people....who makes up this stuff, i suppose the necromorphs in dead space are making fun of physically disabled people too *pulls hair out*
Rainstorm81  +   2240d ago
Kratos is black and is covered in white Ash and is called the ghost of sparta. Thats more racist on more levels (there weren't any black spartans)

GTA san andreas had heavy racial overtones with black on black gang killing & N bombs every where. But wasnt accused of being racist.

As a black man im glad to see more video game roles for black people. even if we are zombies. shooting black zombies is no different from shooting nazi zombies.

BTW RE5 took place iin africa (populated by black people) L4D2 takes place in new orleans (populated by alot of black people) dont be dumb

zombies apppearing in a black area = black zombies
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MorganX  +   2240d ago
Why did this story get approved? There's plenty of real racism and discrimination in the whole world. It's nothing new. Stories like this are just, damaging.

Unfortunately, when you live in a society in which there is real racism, and a history of it, idiots like this journalist can get their 15 minutes, by writing an idiotic piece like this. It's just not even worth it.
MorganX  +   2240d ago
I don't know that there weren't "any" black Spartans. Nubians got around back then. You have to remember, black/white racism is an American creation as we know it today. Take Egypt, they had no concept of black/white. There was just Egyptian, and others. There were black, white, and in-between Pharohs.

The black/white thing was created to justify American Slavery.
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Chrisny85  +   2240d ago
rofl i couldn't believe the headline
so i suppose the guy who cried racism would like for ALL the zombies to be white?

matter of fact all people in the game should be white cause the "good guys" have guns! and people will think all black people have guns.

then its racist bc it doesn't have black people in it.. jeez there is no winner.
JasonXE  +   2240d ago
"Do you also get offended when you see a box of Count Chocula?"

haha the amount of epic comments on his blog.
Projekt7tuning  +   2240d ago
I hate too say it but its these type of people who keep racism going. Anytime someone like Jesse Jackson starts a new crusade it actual makes it worse. He jumped on Imus but were was he when Jamie Foxx made an ass out of himself on BET. oh yah no ware, because for some reason if your black you cant be racist. What foxx said was worse than Imus. If you look at young children who have no idea what racism is, they play and have the best time with each other no matter what the race. you see it all the time in young kids on play grounds all across the US. Then in school they are taught just how bad white people are and all the horrible thing that happened in the past. Thats when the first divide really starts. I have seen it with my own eyes. I'm not saying stop teaching history, but present it in a new way so the white kids are not ashamed to be white and the young black kids don't resent the very same kids that were there best friends on the play ground just a short time before. Well theres a lot more to it, but I feel you cannot be equal when you force everyone to know theres a distinction between white and black. You also cannot be equal by asking for special rights, that automatically make you separate and unequal by trying to be special. It brings out resentment. Well these are just my thoughts and I'm proud to live in a country were i'm free to express my opinion.
Gamertags  +   2240d ago
Most games are racist...
because there are so many white people in them. Get real!
Ramtough  +   2240d ago
I shoot all zombies in right in the head!!!
So lets just clear the air right now. I'm RACIST against zombies with in-tact craniums. All those nasty buggers deserve to have their WHOLE head blown right off.

This article is crap and the writer should go to a corner and beat himself with two socks full of coins.
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indysurfn  +   2240d ago
The stupidity of this writter should be ignored
What does this have to do with legitimate racism?? Sounds like a person that has had his feelings hurt because they don't want to HEAT IR. RACISM. That would be like me mocking rape. No one has said racism because one person was black or green. But because it is targeted towards a race. This sounds like the 70's people don't like to hear something so they pick a extreme example get sarcastic about it and try to paint it as the rule rather than the exception. So that people will see there so called point.
DragonWarrior_4  +   2241d ago
Whats up with black people always wanting to shoot white people?
G3TDOWN  +   2241d ago
and when a cop shoots a black person
OMG !!! POLICE BRUTALITY but when Black gangs kill cops, who cares ?

Maybe 10 blacks die because of brutlity
but at least +100 cops die because of blacks

I'm not being racist but look at U.S gangs, at least, more than half of them are blacks
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LeSouteneur  +   2241d ago
As well as black on white hate crimes. Black-on-white hate crimes is actually higher the other way around and rarely on the news.
iHEARTboobs  +   2241d ago
Sounds like you're making up statistics. Either way, I don't think this game is racist.
sack_boi  +   2241d ago
Wow, I find all these comments offensive.
iamtehpwn  +   2241d ago
That's because they're beating innocent people.
Not Gang members. Lol. I've never heard of a policeman beating a gang member to death, perhaps shooting them.

Anyway, it would be racist for Black people to NOT be zombies. ;P
I think it's pretty fair that all races can be zombified.
GodGinrai  +   2241d ago
stick to the games kids ...you three clearly DONT know what your talking about..

LeSouteneur...guess you never heard of the KKK/BNP/NF then...get out in the world much?
LeSouteneur  +   2241d ago
I've heard of them of course. Also, BNP and FN are political parties that don't promote violence at all.

Anyway, here're the statistics. Black on white crime is much much higher than the other way around. Disagree or not, that's statistics.

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sack_boi  +   2241d ago
You ought to take a break from the internet and those stupid statistics. I'm black, 24 and I've never agressed anyone in my entire life.
FFS this site is becoming the more and more racist.
Lich120  +   2241d ago
Yes well, Im white, 23 and never agressed anyone in my life. However, if I were to run into you on the street one way or another the statistics show that we'd beat the tar out of each other. It's unfortunate too, you seem like a nice guy... but the statistics don't lie.
LeSouteneur  +   2241d ago
^^^to sack_boi
Of course, I'm not implying that just because someone is black, that they will automatically commit crimes. However, I'm implying that this whole "OMG black enemies... RACIST!" fiasco is completely ridiculous. If the person wants to look at the racial aspects of enemies in games, then look at the racial aspects of crime; that's when these "race card" crybabies tend to shut up and be more PC.
mindedone  +   2241d ago
You are spreading misinformation with your first comment about hate crimes. Nowhere in that statistic does it say whether those crimes were hate crimes. Hate crimes are a specific type of crime, and you only further your own and other people's ignorance.
MorganX  +   2240d ago
Hmmm, if your'e going to try to be educated about it, you'll have to look at the socioeconomic statistics of crime and ask why blacks are disproportionately in the economic groups that commit crime. It is an endless cycle with no point other than personal responsibility.

The fact is black people have more to fear from black criminals than anyone else. The average gun owner, who kills cops, is a 30-year old white guy with issues.

It's like the bible, you can spin it to support whatever you want to believe. Even American Nazis convince themselves the bible supports their insanity.

It amazes me how everyone is so consumed by obsession and fear of blacks when there's roughly what, one for every 9 or so whites. And the overwhelming majority are in innner cities and poor southern states. There's even more Mexicans than blacks in America now.

A video game site simply isn't the place for this type of discussion, or maybe it is, who knows. The only real conclusion you can make is that gamers aren't necessarily the smartest cookies in the jar.
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Ramtough  +   2240d ago
iamtehpwn LIES!!
Chuck Norris could NEVER be a zombie. His beard will not allow it and his immune system would reach out into the air and destroy the virus with a judo chop before it knew what hit it.
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Pandamobile  +   2241d ago
There are lots of black people in the game because the campaign they've been showing off is NEW ORLEANS.
JustinSaneV2  +   2241d ago
Apparently it's racist to mention that city now.
hermie  +   2241d ago
Not if you call it the Chocolate City!
Ramtough  +   2240d ago
This is news to me. There are black people in New Orleans. Huh?! I thought it was all Mexicans and Parisians. Besides didn't some woman name Katrina throw a really bad party there and all the black people in America went back to China?
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mdt hunter  +   2241d ago
12.15% of the U.S. population are black so its normal that 'several' zombies are black
socomnick  +   2241d ago
not only that but this game is set in New Orleans , the percentages there for black people are much higher than the national average.
sack_boi  +   2241d ago
Actually it's 17% afro-americans and 16% hispaniques. Get your sh!t right.
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AhemZasan  +   2241d ago
prior to Katrina "the Census Bureau pegged the city's racial breakdown at about 67 percent black and 28 percent white." So I think it would be rather silly for there not to be a few black zombies.

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theusedfake  +   2241d ago
I thought this was a joke at first.
stupidity at it's finest.

seems as though HE'S the racist one to me.
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ASSASSYN 36o  +   2241d ago
OMFG some people need to get a life.
terrandragon  +   2241d ago
Hey, I've got your next racism story. "Final Fantasy XIII has a black person with an afro. Racism!!!"
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2241d ago
I think I saw a few black guys getting shot at in MW2.

Dead_Cell  +   2241d ago
We're screwed when the legal representative of the NBZK (National Body of Zombie Kind) turns up.
Transporter47  +   2241d ago
Really another one?
First Resident Evil 5 its racist but it takes place in Africa.... so they killing black zombies thats racist

Now L4D2, really now, really?
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   2241d ago
So is this Willie Jefferson black? Funny. I wonder how he feels when tons of black people and entertainers that constantly use the word n*gga. A word that was used to completely disrespect and talk down to their parents and grandparents. Irony at its finest.
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ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2241d ago
Pricks like that guy will bring society and humanity down.

He's the one that complains about racism, but he's the one that brings it up.

I think he's racist.
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   2241d ago
megazeroxuxm  +   2241d ago
Wait a min
so... black people dont get infected by zombie virus is what he's trying to say?
megazeroxuxm  +   2241d ago
still no yellow zombie... sigh*
Transporter47  +   2241d ago
not to be one of those correcting what you write but i read it like you spelled it and i was like wtf is he talking about then i read below and i said oh you mean Asian lol :P
Andras84  +   2241d ago
Let me explain to people what racism is.
In todays world racism is basicaly hatred towards black people...yeah you read that right. Ask any black person and they will tell you the same. They honestly belive that and will find anything to scream racism.

If you are white it's ok...you can be discriminated against, pushed down from your possition, taken out from a line, fired from a job and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. You can't say racism because you are white. But if you are black you can say that this happend because you are black and sew them.

See how screwed up it works????

Also, if there is a comertial, God forbid there are only white people in it. Right away it will be labled as racist. But if you have an all black comercial...than that's ok.

When white guys dress up like rappers (talking XXXXXXL clothing and bandana) black people scream that whites wanna steal their culture...but when black people dress up as rockers it's perfectly fine. Or when black people dress up like these "techo" guys (Armani, D&C, Diesel clothes) that's ok too.

So in todays world...if something positive doesn't have a black guy in it it's racist...and if something "negative" has a black guy in it it's racist too.

But hell...it's all ok to shoot white guys, white zombies right??? I mean...that's not racist at all.
adsaidler  +   2241d ago
andras, you've just said everything that makes me so pissed off about this whole racism crap
it's a shame i can't write like you, since english isn't my first language x_X
bubbles for you man ;)
Andras84  +   2241d ago
Thanks adsaidler!!
Though, my first language isn't English either I tried to pull myself together on this one because it pisses me off just as well.

I live in NYC right now and I experience this every single day. I can't even look at a black person because they will spin it into racism...that I didn't looked at them the right way.

There are many cool black guys as well but the majority is just nuts with this racism crap...especialy Al Sharpton. Tha famous priest from NYC who is on the front line of racism...and lies and attacks everything.
GodGinrai  +   2241d ago
As a black man i will say i would shoot a zombie regardless of what colour they are..lol..that mofo would still bite me! i agree that this black zombie thing is stupid..but the rest of your rant was foolish..

As a black man who lives in london i have PERSONALLY seen racism between all cultures ( muslims vs sikhs vs christians..black/white /asian you name it ..ill can tell you some stories...) im talking about spilt blood here not some damn game videogame.real talk.

the fact that you think ALL black people think like that tells me you either dont know any black folks or you havent seen much of the world. matter of fact if you think racism still dont exist then i doubt you`ve seen much of ANYTHING to be honest. I think your commnet is naive.

there are just as many hip hop artists that wear clothes that fit (kanye,pharrel williams etc.) as there is the cookie cut mtv depiction of xxxl clothing and exceess jewellry...again..your naive.

i live in the UK where 98% of terrestrial tv (yes, that includes the adverts) is White . we never complain to the bbc/itv/channel 4 about it cause it aint important and further more there is no grounds for racism.

there is prejudice throughout the world dude.fact. if you dont see it then i suggest you go to a part of the world where YOU are a minority.

Are you american by any chance?
heroicjanitor  +   2241d ago
"There are many cool black guys as well but the majority is just nuts with this racism crap"
Is it actually that bad in New York!? Where I live(Ireland)if a black guy calls racism he is told to fucc off unless it is proper racism, like discrimination or hate crimes. You can't call racism just because you want to get ahead of white people.

However I think there is a growing problem with other types of racism, as in foreign people. Ever since the recession people seem upset that foreigners are working in a lot of places while there is 12% unemployment, and expected to rise to 18%(It used to be around 3% and we were one of the top three richest countries in the world per capita). People hate travellers too, but I don't think that's racist if they are likely to actually stab you :)
danielle007  +   2241d ago
I have bundles of black friends.. They don't cry wolf over racism. I mean, none of the people I have met ever have. Just when it was actually people being racist were they upset .. and for good reason, obviously. People are disgusting, and racism still pops up. I think you are grossly overgeneralizing, honestly.

and white people from suburbia pretending to be legit gangsters are universally annoying, not just to black people.

Srsly, kid.
mindedone  +   2241d ago
I'm glad your first language isn't english
because your hyperbole is insulting.
Another One  +   2241d ago
There is truth in your statement but....
there is no reason to generalize. There's a lot of cool black guys I know. They hate it when people call attention to stuff that isn't racist by playing the race card. It makes people think that racism doesn't exist and that it must just be people overreacting. Racism still happens. It's just not as bad as some people would have you believe.

And one more thing. There is a double standard on racist comments. That's my biggest problem when the racist card is played like this. There's never a German complaint about CoD or games like that. White guys don't get offended nearly as badly as most and that goes double for most southerners. (who laugh at their stereotypes more than anyone I know)
TheTruth89  +   2241d ago
i can't belive... someone can really think that.
adsaidler  +   2241d ago
using this logic, if the game only features WHITE zombies, then, there's no racism at all, shooting white zombies is normal, but if they're black... you're gonna get sued x_X
i'm tired of this kind of bullshit, i don't care the color of the fckin zombies, i just wanna shoot them
Andras84  +   2241d ago
This is what you call...
falling on to the other side of the horse.
Covenant  +   2241d ago
Um, it's in New Orleans...a center of black culture and pride in the South.

So which is more racist: Having black zombies in a city that is predominantly black, or IGNORING the local population and not having any black zombies at all?

silvacrest  +   2241d ago
neither of thoose should be an issue to be honest
Thoreau  +   2241d ago
i read this comment
"Black-on-white hate crimes is actually higher the other way around and rarely on the news", lesoutenuer

lesoutenuer, i hope that statement is sarcasm.

Black on Black crime is high, Black on White and White on Black crime is low. slavery truly ended in 1964 if you are black. in fact the black population in the U.S. is barely 11%. the Black American birth rate is declining as Black American educational rates rise. i don't believe that any game is racist. all should matter is if you are a HUMAN.
NMC2007  +   2241d ago
Sometimes I wish I wasn't black, am I racist for saying that?
Anyway, where was Willie when RE5 was talked about?
GodGinrai  +   2241d ago
your not racist
but you are a sell-out...Thats worse than being a snitch/petty-thief/F@G ,where i come from..
jalen247  +   2241d ago
@The Realness. That was funny.
Tomonobu Itagaki  +   2241d ago
There is not any japanese zombies in that game, that's what i call racism, a segregation toward people that have an epicanthic fold.
What Mr Jefferson forgot is that two on the four survivors of Left 4 Dead 2 are afro-american, so can we call racist black people killing black zombies?
#20 (Edited 2241d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Thoreau  +   2241d ago
i have noticed,
many of you commenting on what is racist may have never experienced true racism.

"When white guys dress up like rappers (talking XXXXXXL clothing and bandana) black people scream that whites wanna steal their culture...but when black people dress up as rockers it's perfectly fine. Or when black people dress up like these "techo" guys (Armani, D&C, Diesel clothes) that's ok too.
So in todays world...if something positive doesn't have a black guy in it it's racist...and if something "negative" has a black guy in it it's racist too. Andras84"

that comment spoke volumes of your ignorance andras84. You think that Black Americans think that rap is a culture? I am of Black and Native American heritage and the true nature of the Black American culture is slavery. Loss of home, Loss of culture, Loss of family values. I don't wear baggy clothing but I wear Armani, 7 for all mankind jeans, and Hugo Boss, does that make me Aryan? no. Maybe the Black Americans on television is all you know of Black Americans.....Andras84
iiprotocolii  +   2240d ago
If the majority of blacks and other races in American thought the way you thought, Thoreau, then things would be dandy. I live and grew up in the slums of New York City surrounded by both blacks and hispanics (i.e. the ghetto). The way YOU'RE perceiving the culture of blacks is respectful, and I agree 100% with you on that. But to try to argue that blacks overall see it the same way is pretty much being as naive as you're calling NMC.

People are judged and treated by the way they portray themselves. Period. It's fact. It's BS and unfair, but that's the way the world works. If the majority of rappers, and yes the MAJORITY (you can't count Kanye and Pharrel as the majority), talk about shooting people, f'ing women and calling the hoes, and wear clothing 10x their size, they will be perceived as idiots. And being that the greater majority of rappers are blacks, it instills a train of thought to certain folk that they are nothing short of how they present themselves. It's ignorant, yes. But it's real.
Thoreau  +   2241d ago
shame on you, NMC2007
shame for that statement......
NMC2007  +   2241d ago
I know, but black people can be very embarrassing here in Los Angeles, when I am out with my black friends and we see other black people acting really ghetto or messed up, we get embarrassed man and in that moment I would wish I weren't black sometimes, I know it's not just black people who do this but I can tell you that they are the worst with it, but I won't go into specifics with it though.

Sorry guys. :(

Edit: When I say ghetto I mean causing a scene ghetto, I don't mind the "ghetto" but when you are causing a scene and you feel people are looking at you with less than favorable feelings, you can't help but feel a bit weird about it, but I have no problem with ghetto, just when it's not so appropriate, like in a restaurant or movie theater, ya know?
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GodGinrai  +   2241d ago
i second that Thoreau
NMC2007 your an embarassment.may the souls of your forefathers sleep under your bed tonight...They endured much so you could be here today and you dishonour them with your stament. You are the lowest kind of human being in my books. And believe me ..i know some some pretty low people (different races and creeds ,before you make assumtions..which i have know doubt you will).
iHEARTboobs  +   2241d ago
NMC2007, I live in Los Angeles too. Sure black people can be emberassing, but i'll be damned if the whites, browns and yellows aren't as emberassing. I know how sometimes you can feel ashamed of your race or culture for the actions of a few people but you shouldn't. We as a people should be concerned about who we are as individuals rather than how we're perceived by others.

@TheRealness: I wouldn't call him the lowest kind of human being. That's pushing it. I just think he's in the wrong state of mind.
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Another One  +   2241d ago
Dont get your panties in a bunch...
There's nothing wrong with what NMC said. There's things white people do that make me embarrassed and not want to be white to avoid the stigma. If your too proud to admit the embarrassment that some people cause to certain ethnic or racial groups then that's a you problem. Don't take his comments personal. It's his way of saying it's embarrassing and that is perfectly understandable.
NMC2007  +   2240d ago
@The Realness
So..... I am the lowest kind of human being because I hate the way my race acts? Is that right? So I should be proud of black people and their ways? Really? So what you are saying is, that I should be proud of being black because i'm black? Even though I don't like the way my race acts? No thanks.

Also, the word sell-out, how am I a sell out? Because I am not ghetto? Because I like to speak english instead of slang or ghetto code? Because I am not loud or obnoxious? Because I am not angry all the damn time or cop an attitude at someone for almost nothing? Am I a sell out because I don't like the things my race does and choose to act differently? I thought I was being my own person, not selling out.

Anyway, whatever man, you can think whatever you want about me but I will choose to live the way I like, not the way others feel I am supposed to and if I don't like how my race acts then I don't, it's not my fault, I hate rap music and R&B and love Metal & Rock, there, go on a rampage about that, lol.
Kamikaze135  +   2241d ago
Black Ban
Watch...in about 2 years, video game developers will be banned from including ANY black people in their video games. That means that Drebbin from MGS4 won't be in MGS5.
FantasyStar  +   2241d ago
Dude, you guys. It's Destructoid. It's a satirical article. Y'know, you're suppose to laugh. Like "HA-HA-HA-HA". As gay as Tidus even. But dammit people, laugh!
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2241d ago
no, it wasn't a laughing article

He was calling out the dude as a complete moron for even making those statements.
FantasyStar  +   2241d ago
I guess I read it differently. Ah well. I never took Destructoid seriously even once. But others have different ways of interpreting stuff I suppose.
whothedog  +   2241d ago
No the game is not racist, that's just silly.

Now for most the people who decided to "rant" about this subject seem pretty ignorant about how the world really is.
name  +   2241d ago
Oh please I didnt' hear anyone complain about racism until this guy said it. If this even becomes an issue don't blame black people AGAIN like you did with re5. The ones who blow this up will be the ones who continuously report this.
criticalkare  +   2241d ago
Please don't let it be like RE5 again...
TruthbeTold  +   2241d ago
Black folks in Houston need to go slap that guy upside the head and tell him to stfu. Now if the Zombies look stereotypically racist then that's a whole other story. But the simple fact that there are black zombies in the game? I'll quote Chris Rock and say: "Stop bein ignit!"
MetalGearBear  +   2241d ago
Value not allow L4D2 on PS3, because PS3 is black.
-MD-  +   2241d ago
Value not allowed on PS3?
topdawg122  +   2241d ago
Haha thats a good one, but seriously people need to get a reality check and realize that not everything is racist. Grow up people!
mcgrawgamer  +   2241d ago
wow black zombies in predominatly black cities. I understand the struggle blacks went thru and being a black man in the south even to this day I've been a victim of racisim and racial sterotyping in my lifetime; but stuff like this makes me sick to my stomach. We can't change what happened in the past. We shouldn't forget it but man we sure as hell shouldn't harp on it every single day of our lives....
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