NBC's Russert suggests video games involved in VT shooting

Nearly a week after the Virginia Tech shooting, and with no credible evidence to support it, Tim Russert of NBC's Meet the Press twice suggested that violent video games had something to do with the tragedy.

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Rooted_Dust4018d ago

This is already a dead argument. The police found no game material in his dorm, all he had was a dell computer, and his roomate said he never saw him playing any games. Time to find a new scapegoat, why not try the CIA?

Karebear4018d ago

Mary Hart's voice was causing people to go into seizures?
My theory is it was Tim Russert's face on MSNBC that causes people to perform acts of violence to themselves and others. This is of course come to by the same scientific process that he used to conclude that videogames did something similar.

What a tool.

Firewire4018d ago

Here we go agian, another uninformed person making another uninformed statement about gaming.
My only question, why hasn't anyone called out this guy on his uninformed conclusion?
I love how the press, has to make stories up to feed their hungry viewers, realy jurnalism has gone down hill, first they let idiots like Jack Thompson on T.V. who clearly has a political agenda against the gaming industry, now this butt truly is sad!

Frulond4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

It seems this is the way most people do news today, just speculating about everything no matter how many they bring down with it for the simple reason of raising their audience ratings. It has come to a stupid point that people doing news can say anything that come to their bean-size-minds just for their own benefits and getting no punishment for their nonsense accusations without any previous investigation in the subject. Well in this case I'll have to blame shootings on this guy (Russert) for jerking everyday watching killings on TV. These people look at $$$$ signs in blood.

Sphinx4018d ago

people believe in the Big Bang theory, especially since it is completely against so many scientific laws (i.e. something out of nothing). Too many people believe too much of what they hear.

calderra4018d ago

Wow. Ignorance != fact.

Yes, something out of nothing is a big problem- one that scientists are still dealing with. But the Big Bang theory has accurately predicted a LOT of things that have later been proven through study. It's been so thoroughly tested that we literally have the Bing Bang modeled to a tiny fraction of a second after it happened. As in, a millionth of a second is much bigger at this point. We're very close- but there's a world of hurt in expaining that last tiny bit.

You try crunching numbers and doing the math on how everything in the universe came to be relative to the first billionth of a second after the bang- it'll keep you up at night. Every night. For the next 10^gazillion years.