Roll your own Xbox 360 HDD, save $100

Joystiq reports "TheSpecialist", a well-known mysterious hacker, has released a new version of his program HDDHackr, which now allows you to make your own 120GB drive for the Xbox 360. It's not perfect -- you can only use a Western Digital SATA drive and you need a certain file from an official Microsoft drive. But with some time, effort, and around $80 for the drive, you'll get to keep about $100 of your hard-earned money in your nacho-cheese-stained paws

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PS360PCROCKS4257d ago

I'm doing it, screw the overpriced HDD

Clinton5144257d ago

rather than being forced to make my own. Lose - lose situation.

Frulond4257d ago

Make your own drive, get a composite cable and black cover =P

Somethnnew184257d ago

By the time you get the money to do it....Have a computer that is Sata ready...The cables, hard-drive, the tools, then the time and know how...By the time you get it done...You could have just been at work, working to make the money to buy the stupid 120 giga-byte hard-drive....Just so this won't become a problem in another fore-seeable post....The playstation 3 does need a big harddrive and they will make one....I guess they under-estimated the size of their games and how big one game file could really be...After all if they start making games that install half the Dvd information just to save you loading times...That eventually will be needed.....Afterall, what did Final Fantasy 11 do when you popped it into your xbox 360 game ..2 hours later...I think we might start to see a trend with that concept...It's time consuming...But think about the potential positives.....

TheMART4257d ago

Or you just find a guy that does this commercially for 20 Euro/dollar. So you get yourself a profit of 80 Euro/dollar still. Don't have to buy anything or have the trouble of performing the trick

Ban Me4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

Er, for people who have modded consoles / PCs before then this would be very easy to do and wouldnt take very long at all. Nowhere in the atricle (or indeed the original on xbox-scene) does it state that performing this mod is for everyone. Also, some people actually enjoy this sort of thing.

So please, dont dismiss this mod for everyone based on your own lack of knowledge / interest on the suject.

Having said that, I'm not going to do this myself as I dont have any need for the extra space. It's still a cool mod though, and one which I'm sure will be popular among the xbox modding comminity.

And when was this article about PS3 HDDs? Oh I forgot, every atricle on N4G eventually devolves into a PS3 vs 360 argument.

BIadestarX4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

Technically you would be saving yourself only $80.
How long does it take to do something like this and what are the risk (messing up the drive, or the 360)?.
I'm not sure how many of you work or how much you make, but if you calculate the risk + the time you may spend getting this to work... you probably spend more money than if you just pay the extra $80. Then again, if it helps your ego and your macho-ness as to feel like you are really sticking it to the man... then go on.. that's worth more than the few bucks your are saving.

Also, if you are so into the 120GB drive (which is not necessary)... you are better of trading your 360 for $250 and adding $200. which if you think about it is only $20+ than if you were buying just the drive or $100+ if you were making this hack.

gta_cb4257d ago

totaly agree then you aslo get the HDMI ya know just incase the other post about halo 3 being Full 1080p 60fps :P hehe

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