Credit card removal still proving difficult

Blogger and Xboxic reader Jmel highlights the struggles faced with the billing procedures of Live accounts.

According to Major Nelson:

"I confirmed that you CAN get your CC removed from your account. It will take a call to support and a few days, but it can be done."

Upon ringing a few days later, Jmel finds that, in actual fact, support say no, the card cannot be removed. A few supervisors later and they apparently say the card will be removed within 7-10 business days. However given that the staff on the end of the phone were so uncertain, it is unlikely that it will ever happen.

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Ban Me4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

MS need to sort this, and fast. Especially with the recent account hacking fiasco.

I cant see why the option isnt there as standard anyway. I mean, it cant be hard to put a "remove card details" option next to each registered CC.

PS3 fanboys need not comment... this is of no concern to you.

Icryo4250d ago

This is odd as i had to remove my credit card 7 months ago (was going through financial difficulty then). I just called support and everthing was fine. In 2 days, my CC had been removed.
Not saying the problem doesn't exist, for some people, but i, personally, have had no problems...

It's all rather odd.

ddcab4250d ago

MS wants your credit card on there so you can easily buy more download content. Also so they can automaticly renew your 12 month subscription unless you call customer support to cancel it. Just another way to make money. Don't think it's a mistake there is no option to remove a credit card. If MS likes choice why isn't there a choice to remove CC's. I'm glad there looking into this.

The Shadow4250d ago

Why dont ms just make it simple simply by clicking cancel account,just like other websites when you are a member and its hard for us who live outside usa to call for the service.

Omicronn4250d ago

I canceled my account a year ago over the phone on one account.
Amazing how a year later i see a charge on my card again.
They keep it on file and have the worst customer service I have ever seen when it comes to handling the basics.
I got so frustrated because they did the same thing to me last year when i canceled a month before the new year started and i had to call them again back then to cancel.
This time i just called the CC company and they saw it happened last year so i told them to handle it, do a charge back, whatever .. but i didnt want to deal with it again.

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The story is too old to be commented.